Being an officer by Elmira Baltabayeva

I want to give some feedback as an officer.

Last year when I wanted to be a part of an officer team I was a new member. I didn’t know how all processes worked in the club and what it meant to be an officer.

But now I’m really thankful for this chance. My goal was not to learn about finance, because I worked in that sphere. My  goal was to learn more about leadership. During one year I knew about leadership not from processes in our club, but from every officer.    

For me our VP Education Korlan  was the heart of our team. Now I know what it means “all for one and one for all”. Because she was ready to tear to shreds anyone who said anything wrong about any officer.

From our beautiful and smart VP Membership Anara I learnt about communication skills. Because she knows how to motivate to join new members to ATC.

I’m really happy that Damira became VP PR, because she brought in new energy to our team. Her enthusiasm, energy and leadership skills are great example of leadership for me.

My dear mentor and our secretary Indira organized wonderful events. I knew more about organization skills from Indira, because she hosted events which hadn’t been before in ATC.

Our sergeant-at-arms Asset knows about how to motivate members to get CC and CL. I think he knows about motivation a lot.

And of course the main person in our team, our president Anuar. He was always supportive and  he is an example of a real leader for me. Because during one year he did a lot for ATC. I think everyone sees the result of his job.

I’m proud to work with these wonderful people.  If you are an officer, you will learn new skills on leadership and teamwork.   

I made this post to thank my dear colleagues and encourage you all to be an OFFICER.