A Word From President: September

Dear Toastmasters!

The beginning of autumn has always been associated with the beginning of school. Though most of us have already passed this stage, I can say that we all feel a little nostalgic when the 1st of September occurs.

However, September is also the time when the days are still long and night are still warm. So don’t wait till September ends, enjoy its every moment.

Astana Toastmasters Club is a great place for anyone to learn new or enhance skills one already has. That is why it attracts many people from different spheres. As my toastmaster experience shows, September is a very busy season for ATC. People return from their summer vacations, full of energy and breath taking stories to share.

Officers’ team of Astana Toastmasters Club has prepared a great schedule of meetings for September: hosting a guest speaker– a managing partner at a well renowned consulting company, demonstration meeting at national holding Zerde, orientation session for freshmen and soon-members-to-be, where everyone can get answers to questions they always wanted to know but were too shy to ask, and many more. Stay tuned.


Korlan Bektassova