Follow up note on Speech marathon, March 26

Dear Toastmasters,

Today we had a speech marathon with eight speakers, great atmosphere and a lot of fun as usual. Let me describe everything step by step.

The first speaker was our ‘perfect’ man, Asset Omirzhanov with his project from Leadership Excellence Series Set aimed to motivate people. Asset presented us some basic and essential componenents of effective motivation. Then we had the 9th project of Competent Communicator manual, ‘Persuade with power’ by Aigerim Kosheken. She talked about wisdom in regret, particularly she encouraged us to pay more attention and dedication towards our parents which is needy to be mentioned and reminded.

The third speaker was Damira Kulakhmetova giving her project #7. Damira researched and tried to answer what made up a startup. Afterwards there was Aigerim Akiltayeva with project #2 whithin which she was supposed to make an appropriate outline. The title of her speech was “face to face with the world” or “travelling solo”: why to do it and how to do it unbelievable.

After a series of Competent Communicator projects we had 2 experienced speakers. The fifth one was Olessya Akimenko doing assignment #5 from Interpersonal communication manual. Olessya not only gave us some tips on how to assert yourself effectively but also with the help of Aidar Abrayev enacted a role play where asserting came into action. Then another experienced speaker, the best prepared speaker of 2015, Indira Kyilybayeva addressed project #2 from Speaking to inform manual. She shared with the audience some learning tips and tricks in order to get prepared for some tasks or assignments, especially exams, tests and other official stuff.

Our marathon was closed by two different speeches. One was the last project of CC, entitled “First goes happiness” and aimed to inspire the audience. Our “Macmillan dictionary” of useful quotes and phrases, Anuar Unaibekov presented this project in which he talked about the easiest and the most difficult notion as happiness. He used a great technique – made the audience stood up, did some exercises an laughed a lot. Good job! Finally we attracted a new potential member….by the way not potential, real one as he paid the fees )) – the ice breaker, Bairam Orazov who was talking about how he lost his weight through yoga classes held by a beautiful blond slim lady, found the real meaning and taste of life, his current values and many othe interesting things.

Guess who became the best…? The man who finally got CC off his chest :) My congratulations go to Anuar Unaibekov!

The evaluation session was lead by Olessya Akimenko and we also had a full house of evaluators, experienced, focused and quite critical. But…. it’s hard to compete with perfection…Asset Omirzhanov became the best, sorry the perfect one 😉

Overall thanks every participator for your role of the marathon and let’s get fit and prepared for the next one.

Assiya Babayeva,