ATC Bowling Tournament Follow-up!


Dear Friends!

I hope you still remember the special event held on April 8thATC Bowling Tournament. Personally I love playing bowling and especially the moments of strikes and spares! This game has always given me the opportunity to spend time with my friends and have an active rest, sometimes bowling is just like meditation for me.  For the purpose of socializing and active rest I’ve decided to organize the Bowling tournament and invited ATC members and non-members on Facebook page and Instagram. It turned out that there were many people who shared love for bowling with me. 24 people came to the tournament, among them there were 11 non-members.

I had a lot of ideas how to make this event entertaining and exciting, but I could not put them altogether on one scenario. I asked the help and my friend from our club – Saule Temirbayeva agreed to help me. Her help was priceless; she was involved in the process from the first minute. We made a program starting from the breakdown of players by 3 teams for each lane using the bowling pins of different colors, plus Saule prepared the legend of Bowling and induction ceremony! Unfortunately we could not do that as planned, as there was very loud music and some people came late. So we decided to skip this and started off with the first competition named “Challenging throws”. There the participants lined up and one after another starting with the first player from each team rolled the ball with definite tasks. For example, first players of each team threw the ball with left hands, the second ones – sitting on the floor; the thirds turned back to the lanes and rolled the balls through their legs. After some efforts, we asked our players to think up the most breathtaking and ingenious throw. All the participants were involved and they offered different kinds of throws, some people started to dance passing the ball to each other, someone threw the ball blindfolded, and one beautiful lady even did the splits after her throw!

After such an exciting and challenging part of our competition we had dinner together, while having a meal we were playing the game named “Charades”, in addition to this all the participants voted overwhelmingly in favour of Aigerim Kosheken who won the award “Breathtaking throw”!

We came back to the competition and before starting the second part named “Turn of professionals”, I conducted a bowling workshop for 10-15 minutes where I showed some compulsive techniques with the help of which you could play bowling better and take pleasure in the game. Based on my observations it was very useful for our players. Most of them began to do the strikes after strikes and caught the flow of the game. And here we announced the nominations of “Super lady striker” and “Super male striker”. Our winners were Bairam Orazov and our guest Zhamilya Nurgazy.

At the end of the evening we awarded our winners and the first place award went to the team “La La land”. The second place – “Double strikers” and the team “Courage Bombay” took the third place. Our congratulations to all the winners!

My personal and huge thanks to Saule for your help, ideas and enthusiasm. Aigerim Kussainova, thanks for photo shooting.

Thank you for coming and sharing this event with us, dear friends! I enjoyed it a lot.


Raushan Satibaldiyeva

VP Membership



Behind the Curtain: White Party / New Year Party with Sogdiana and Yuriy

Assiya: It was a White party dedicated to the New Year-2017! Our leading hosts Sogdiana and Yuriy, could you share your impression or funny stories related to the party?



Sogdiana: The idea to make this party “white” was of Korlan’s, our president, who thought that it would look terrific! And it was! Just imagine people wearing white dresses and shirts! It was like in a fairy tale with a Happy End. Yura and I wanted to write a funny and romantic scenario to make the evening that set the mood for our members and guests for the future holidays.

Yuriy: Sogdiana and I doubted that it would be quiet fun, some contests could make our guess bored. I can’t judge but it seems we have a good time.

Sogdiana: Of course, the fun would be impossible without people who made it happen!

We had a great team, who sacrificed their own time for the party! Yerlan was the one who was responsible for our budget. And we earned 250.000 KZT from 34 people. Sometimes, we are trying to save money for others meetings or gifts, but White party required full commitment from us. Money was spent for beautiful decoration, gifts, food and a “yummy” cake with lettering “White party”! It was a painstaking work of everyone. Sometimes, I didn’t have time to control everything, but on my request – everyone helped, when it was necessary. I was so proud of the power that we had, of emotions and feelings that we could put to the Day!

Yuriy: I didn’t know how it would be going because we had an empty room without tables, decorations: nothing was ready at 4 p.m. When Sogdiana and I entered the room we didn’t feel exuberance and realized “We have much stuff to do”.


Sogdiana: Assiya, Anara, Raushan, Yura and I, came very early, to make sure, that the place would be prepared on time, tables were in a right place and lights could be turned off, when we needed for scenes. It was a bit unfair, but a lot of boy’s work, girls did by themselves. We didn’t ask for help, but we thought they might know, that we needed them. Anyway, we could solve it. And we had Yura, who helped with heavy stuff.

Yuriy: Actually, our glorious girls created a holiday table and decorated the room by 6.30 p.m. Everything was ready except the music. It was quite clear – the equipment was in bad condition, the sound was awful with lots of buzzing overtones, microphones were out of repair and Saulet was forced to spend a lot of time to repair but any attempt ended in the flop. Again a miracle….the equipment suddenly started to give us the music without buzzing, both microphones made us possible not to damage our vocal cords.

Sogdiana: It was really going to disrupt our party but everything worked out. I am thankful to all officers, newcomers and delivery agents. Everything was on time and with festive moods. Aisha brought fabulous posters of White party and logo of Astana Toastmasters Club. Yerlan and his wife Aigerim brought and served food on tables. Saulet tuned equipment and sound. Damira and Yerzhan were our Ded Moroz and Snegurochka with funny competitions and poems. Aidana and Zhanara took pictures. Girls made a dance of snowflakes. Aigerim Kosheken sang a song. Everyone was involved in process that is why it was a team-success!

Yuriy: Thank you very much who organized it! Sogdiana encouraged me to take part, wrote the scenario and I got real delight to meet and write it with her. The ATC white party was our miracle.

Sogdiana: Happy New Year!!!

Yuriy: Happy New Year!!!



Xplorers club in Milan, Italy

One of the activities every toastmaster should certainly engage yourself with when traveling abroad is to visit other toastmasters clubs to share experience and meet like minded people.
During my short stay in Milan,Italy I was lucky to have a chance to visit a meeting of the bilingual Xplorers toastmasters Club. It was their first meeting after a month of vacation in August. (Everybody in Italy is on vacation in August).
VP membership coordinates the visitors to the club since the space is limited. There were about 30 people present and at least 10 of them were visitors like me.
Since the club is bilingual only one speech out of four prepared speeches was in English. Everything else was in Italian. As one of the members sitting next to me said and I quote : “we are too lazy to
speak English” 😉
However, I still managed to grasp the main idea of the speeches delivered and now I’m 100 percent sure that our body language and vocal variety are strong tools in delivering any message.
The general evaluator of the meeting who is also the president Catherine Balavoine performed her role in English as a courtesy to me.
The agenda is very informative: I liked that it had project objectives and indication of min-max time limit.


So here are the highlights of the meeting, some details which members of Astana Toastmasters Club may find interesting to know and perhaps later to implement in the club:
1) Everyone, even the visitors had a badge with his/her name which is really helpful when meeting new people. VP membership prepares and prints our all badges beforehand. Since I was not sure if I would be
able to make the visit: my badge was filled at the spot.




2) Timer is equipped with a special device with green, yellow and red lights, as well as a bell which he rang from time to time to remind that, for example, it is time to move to the next point of the agenda.
The timer also rings the bell when a Speaker exceeds the maximum time limit for more than 10 seconds (I believe). There was also a honk which was not used. I guess it is used when someone severely violates
the time limit 😁

3) All visitors receive the agenda and evaluation guides for all of the speeches. So everyone gives feedback following the guidelines on evaluation sheets. Three minutes are spared for that after each speaker. All feedback is collected by sergeant of arms and given to the speaker at the end of the meeting. Personally I found it too complicated to write a feedback for the speaker according to the evaluation guide, since there is an assigned speech evaluator and not everyone in the audience might be experienced enough to give such evaluations, especially it might be too much for the newcomers.

4) Voting is at the end of the meeting. And the votes are counted by the vote counter.
5) There were two grammarians: English and Italian. Each of them give their feedback at the end of the meeting. I especially liked how English grammarian explained the new word.

6) There were two people in the agenda assigned as leadership evaluators. I didn’t have a chance to learn what their responsibilities were, but I guess they were responsible for filling out competent leadership manuals.
In general, I loved the meeting. The atmosphere was super relaxing and supportive. Everybody was so friendly and invited me to join for dinner after the meeting.
I wish I could stay to talk to people and share our practices but I couldn’t.
Though I don’t speak or comprehend Italian, two hours spent with Xplorers toastmasters made me once again understand that Toastmasters unite people around the world.



Behind the Curtain: VI ATC Summer Olympic Games 2016 by Yerzhan Omirkhanov

Here is the quick follow up note from project leader of VI ATC Summer Olympic Games 2016.

ATC Olympic Games of 2016 were scheduled to start at 12:00 on 21 of September in the schoolyard. We had all facilities we needed: football field, basketball and tennis courts. Overall the Olympic Games consisted of three parts sports activities, picnic and family dinner. We had 5 different team sports games: relay race, snake, mine field, carpet folding and sculpture. Games required a considerable amount of energy and flexibility that my muscles ached afterwards.       

The ATC Olympic Games kicked off with a nice warm-up session delivered by Asset Omirzhanov and Korlan Bektassova. During the games Bairam Orazov was in charge, our MC made sure that sports activities went smooth and well. We had two rival teams Batyrs Squad and Cockroaches. Cockroaches had their own slogan “we crawl, we bite, we eat you alive” ughh! Despite being undefeatable everywhere on Earth Cockroaches team were unable to beat Batyrs Squad. Squad won the VI ATC Summer Olympic Games and was awarded a Golden  Cup of ATC. The Games were closed with an old and good game from our childhood – Bouncer (Вышибалы).

As for the picnic, Zhantuar Yertayev has arrived just on time with food supplies purchased on a city fair. Melon and watermelon were so sweet and juicy that we have craved even more of it. Also we have got some descent “lakhmadjun” from the Turkish restaurant nearby. We had some chit-chat and enjoyed our meals during the picnic. Soon after we were all exhausted and decided to take a nap and sunbathe.

In the end we had dinner at café Rafe, the one close to Akorda. I enjoyed a veggie pizza while others had some salads and soups. I would like to say thank you: to Damira Kulakhmetova for her diligent work in planning and executing the Games; as well as to our Ex-Sergeant at Arms, Asset Omirzhanov, who shared not only his wisdom of organizing the previous game, but also shared his own sports tools; to Bairam, for stepping up as an MC of the Olympic Games at the last moment; and to Zhantuar, who went to the city fare and bought the best melon and watermelon we have ever tried, it was worth coming just because of it. I am grateful to Astana Toastmasters Club for the opportunity to spend this Sunday in a warm atmosphere of nice people. Live long and prosper!       

Enjoy your last days of summer,

Yerzhan Omirkhanov


Behind the Curtain: ATC RUN. How it was. by Anuar Unaibekov



I was dying to write these words since the time when we declared ‘ATC RUN marathon’ finished, but due to the fact that the event took us a lot of time and strength, I procrastinated some work that I also had to do. Finally, I’ve reached this keyboard and I’m ready to start. ))
This message, this story is about almost unacquainted people who by the accident have become friends. During the organization of this wonderful event I discovered some gorgeous features in these people. I’m talking about DREAM TEAM of A5 (as Assel once noticed): Aigerim AkiltayevaAssiya BabayevaAsseL Mussina and Asset Abuov. I incredibly regret that I didn’t know them that good before, but now I’m extremely glad that they are my friends. ))
It started when I, Elmira Tulbassiyeva and Assel Mussina went from “one interesting place” to Mega Mall to have a lunch and suddenly, I decided to call to Assiya Babayeva (once we spoke that we could finish CL together, organizing smth for ATC).
The very first thing that I was astonished by is an enthusiasm and ambitious intensions that Assiya showed that day. She said that we could gather unbelievable 40 participants, while I said that it would be great if we gather about 20 of them. This enthusiasm and not only her, but of our entire team helped us to gather 75 participants out of 150 registered. If you were on the event, you know that it rained, so more than a half of registered participants didn’t come. However, you can also see that final number of people is far bigger than we planned, thus we all are more than contented. Thank you guys, for your devotion!
The second thing that surprised me is the way how we worked together on our meetings. When the event was approaching I and Aigerim Akiltayeva were losing our heads from the number of registered participants that we had, whereas Assiya, Assel and Asset were trying to make us to come down to earth and be more realistic. As you see, our roles changed throughout preparation, but there was a balance all the time. Thank you guys for that you are amazing!
The next thing that helped us is a sense of pointing on really important things that Assel possesses. A lot of times we heard from her that we entirely forgot about this or that. Once we all absolutely forgot about camera on the event. )) Furthermore, she spent hours in her office at night preparing those registration lists or medical papers. Thank you Assel, you are the best!
Aigerim is experienced marathoner. This experience also played one of the most crucial roles on our event. By the way, with the help of Aigerim we connected with the most famous marathoner in whole Kazakhstan, Marat Zhylanbayev. And probably, if we organize such events in the future he will come and give us some masterclasses. Aigerim helped us to organize counting time and how not to confuse having such a big number of participants. Aigerim and Asset as well, were the people who spent their time more than any other member of our team examining that track and making sure that event will be held on the highest level. I really don’t know how we could do it without them. Thank you Aigerim, it was great pleasure to work with you and I hope it is not the last time!
Girls, it is for your attention, because now I’m going to write about awesomeness of Asset Abuov. I’ve found that Asset is REAL MAN and he really knows how to hold hammer in his hands. )) Yet he is very calm and patient guy, because walking and cycling so many kilometers, listening to my unfunny jokes, for ordering those beautiful t-shirts or that stylish hashtag ‪#‎ATCRUN‬ without saying a word of complaint is real heroism. However, when he needs to speak to people he does it perfectly, because exactly Asset spoke to those superiors of the park and convinced them to give us permission to take park on that day. So girls, if you want such a hero, as your future boyfriend, who will patiently listen to your idle talk and will be able to handle manly work at home, think about Asset, while he is single. ))) Thank you bro, I’m proud to say that I was a part of your team!
Some people are also worth to mention here. I would like to thank Dzhamilya SerikbayevaДинара КыдырниязоваAizhan SeitЕржан Омирханов,  Айбек БекеновYernar ZhDaulet SabyrAnuar Zhumabayevand Elmira Baltabayeva for your help, you guys did a lot for us on starting point of the race, in organizing registration process and with gathering all the things after finishing of the event. Especially, I want to thank Damira Kulakhmetova , Диана КаримоваAsem Panova, Elmira Tulbassiyeva and Asset Omirzhanov for your patience and dedication. You guys helped us to gather all these people, you just brought order to our registration process and helped more than a lot with counting times of the participants. By the way, I was just shocked by sagacity of Elmira, Asset and Asem. Despite the horrible weather that was during the event, you kindly agreed to help; we owe you guys just infinitely. Thank you all, I again can’t imagine how we could do it without your help. Thank you, thank you so much!!!
Finally, I think that is it. )) It was great pleasure for me to work with such wonderful people. I guess I won’t forget about this event for a very long time. )) Thank you all for that! Wish you all happiness!

Best regards,
Anuar Unaibekov


Behind the Curtain: What? Where? When? by Anuar Zhumabayev

Dear toastmasters,

Here, in “Behind the curtain” part of our blog, I would like to share with you information about how one of the regular social events of our club, recreational “What? Where? When?” game found its way to the community of those, who are looking to master public speaking skills.

On 10th of April, ATC hosted the last game, and I was an organizer. When I look back, it turns out that I participated in organizational teams of “What? Where? When?” games at ATC all 6 times, it was hosted in the club.

The idea was actually proposed by our former member and now a successful social entrepreneur and engineer Gaukhar Arystan. She announced that she wanted to introduce this game at one of our regular Saturday meetings and declared that she was looking for a host, who will be asking questions during the game. I had never played in formal “What? Where? When?” games before, however, during my student time in Arizona State University, we had our little version of the game at Kazakhstani Student Association there. So, I had had a little experience in searching for questions and was familiar with format a little. Therefore, I stepped up to be a host. Little I knew, I would be the host for 5 of 6 such games at ATC.


We also had Amina Kussainova and Elmira Muldasheva helping us organize the event, providing witty questions, I could ask our guests, and the very first game at ATC went quite well: we had four teams, 30 questions and fun evening. The event became quite popular and for all the next games, teams would be formed very quickly, peaking with 9 teams at the game in Astana Mall (third in ATC), when the host was Art Sergazinov.

The hardest job in organizing the event is to find the place, where we can host all teams and, of course, search for the questions. Every single game at ATC took place at different venues. We had fun time during some of negotiations. I just want to tell you that Azamat Khamza is the best negotiator ever. Seriously, two times he was in recruiting team, we were able to find bargains for our venues.

To find all 30 questions for the game, I usually spent from 3 to 4 hours in the web, so the questions would be at least interesting, hopefully challenging, and yet, rationally easy, since our members are not practicing players, who prepare for the game fiercely. After all, our game is recreational. Also, sometimes, I try to find questions, related to hobbies of our members, like football questions for our football fans, “Harry Potter” questions for our muggles and questions about public speaking. It is challenging, but totally worth it. It was so funny, when no one had the right answer for “a boy with a scar” question, though in each team, we had at least one J.K.Rowling fan.

Overall, I am glad I was a part of organizational teams for these events, but I feel, that with each game I am slowly losing interest in hosting, and, I believe, members felt it during the last game. Therefore, I think it would be in the best interest of the club, if there would be any “What? Where? When?” game in the future at ATC, to find a new host and organizer. To whom, I have only one advice: be sincere in your desires, have fun with questions and don’t be afraid to joke around with teams. It is a fun event. And we should have a blast every time we host it!

Anuar Zhumabayev


Behind the Curtain: Скала. Дотянуться до небес

Как помочь расправить крылья?

Некоторые сравнивают умение достигать своих целей с беговым марафоном, когда человек, превозмогая боль и усталость, отодвигает ее на второй план для достижения поставленной задачи. Когда отказывают ноги, руки, дыхание сбито и ощущение, что весь организм наполнен каким-то землетрясением внутренностей. То же самое происходит, когда вы карабкаетесь на гору, хочется остановиться и сдаться вершине, признать ее победу над собой, пав безвестным воином… Но не все так просто! Вспоминая, что стоило тебе всех предыдущих усилий, ты делаешь глубокий вдох и продолжаешь путь.В прошлые выходные, я смогла показать некоторым ребятам с Astana Toastmasters Club (where leaders are made), как это здорово карабкаться вверх. Мероприятие прошло в ТРЦ «Мега», в городе Астана, на скалодроме «Skala». Мне помогали составлять план очень грамотные инструкторы и следить за каждым участником во избежание несчастных случаев. В этом помогает также инструкция по технике безопасности, с которой каждый участник ознакомился перед началом. Это был мой первый Leadership project, где я должна была организованно провести мероприятие, на которое пригласила всех желающих.PR-team предложила несколько вопросов, на которые я ответила в своем посте:
1. Как пришла идея провести мероприятие?
В свое время мне самой было очень интересно узнать про скалолазание и альпинизм в городе. Неужели, если Астана – город степей, мы не любим лазать по горам? Многие точно так же, как и я, просто не знали куда обратиться. Но я девочка настойчивая, узнала контактные данные алматинского клуба (уж там-то они точно должны заниматься в горах), и уже они подсказали, как я могу связаться с их представителями в Астане. Мне показалось, что проведя мероприятие, я смогу ознакомить ребят с основами, вызвать их интерес к спорту, после которых они уже точно решат, хотят ли посвятить себя горам.12888675_958904927496107_5706240807159695195_o
2. Что было самым сложным и самым легким при подготовке?Начать заниматься спортом никогда не поздно. Но с годами это всегда сложнее. Все мы имеем разную физическую подготовку и умения. Сложно было подбирать задания и упражнения, с которыми смог бы справиться любой участник, не чувствуя себя ущемленным в каком либо отношении. Так как мой проект был рассчитан на командную работу и каждый участник должен был попробовать свое умение в каждом из конкурсов. Легко было от того, как ребята восприняли идею о скалодроме, они были полны энтузиазма и постоянно поддерживали, ожидая чего-то интересного. А, как организатору, мне было это очень важно. Непосредственно в день мероприятия, очень помогли мои коллеги по цеху (PR-team). Они пришли пораньше и сотворили наше оформление.
3. Что было на мероприятии вкратце, сколько длилось, сколько человек пришло, какие команды были?
Люди набирались с переменным успехом. Изначально, когда был объявлен набор, я не почувствовала никакой энергии и ребята считали, что у них есть еще предостаточно времени, чтобы определиться с походом на мероприятие. А мне нужно было рассчитать бюджет, призы, конкурсы, места… Еще за день список превысил 5 человек, из отведенных 20, то есть еще за несколько часов я ожидала, что буду тренировать 25 человек, за которыми нужен будет пристальный надзор. Но бывают случаи, что возникают дела в самый неподходящий момент и в итоге до Скалы дошли 16 человек участников, ну и я сама была 17-ая. Что было достаточно удобно, потому что они поровну смогли разделиться на команды по 8 человек. Тема мероприятия должна была связывать 2 мира – Черную и Белую сторону ангелов.Самое первое, что пришлось нам выполнить – это разминка – основа всех нагрузок и занятий. Важно подготовить тело и дать ему разогреться, от хорошей циркуляции крови повышается гормон счастья, который дал нам позитивный заряд на предстоящие восхождения, потому что именно подъем ребята хотели освоить больше всего!  А потом пошло все по плану. Разделились на команды с белыми и черными ленточками на руках для опознавания «своих». Определили капитанов команд. Байрам возглавлял армию «Черных фурий» ведя игроков за собой, прикрывая наших нежных девушек своей могучей спиной, постоянно страхуя и не разрешая сдаваться. А наш президент стал капитаном команды нечеловеческих возможностей «Белых барсов», их речевка говорила сама за себя об их сплоченности и желания к победе!12916120_958909960828937_6057624108236762143_o

Изначально, мы договорились об аренде на 2 часа и согласно этому времени был расписан график проведения конкурсов, но время работало против нас, поэтому количество конкурсов значительно сократилось. Это не помешало нам получить максимум удовольствий от каждого из них. На тренажере висели облачка, на которых были написаны вразброс высказывания великих скалолазов и альпинистов, в конце мероприятия им предстояло собрать их всех воедино, чтобы расшифровать. Вот некоторые из них: «Скалолаз не тот, кто залез на скалу, а тот, кто потом спустился», «Альпинисты, как яйца, либо крутые, либо всмятку», «Никто не запрещает тебя считать царем горы, но прошу, знай свою гору» (Ватари Ватару)

4. Понравилось ли тебе проводить мероприятие?

Безусловно! Несмотря на долгую подготовку и постоянно меняющиеся планы – я была заряжена энергией ребят! Каждый принес частичку позитива, которая была распределена между нами поровну. Я изначально была инициатором сделать что-нибудь необычное, волнующее, и как оказалось, практически никто не пробовал со страховкой на высоте в несколько десятков метров, свисать под тяжестью собственного веса.

5. Получилось ли реализовать все, что задумала?

Можно сказать, что по большей части – да! Моя цель была – порадовать ребят новыми ощущениями, провести время за пределами нашей зоны комфорта, где мы привыкли обычно видеть друг друга. Работа в командах лишний раз доказала нам, как мы умеем слажено двигаться и как переживаем за своих со-товарищей, даже тех, кто находится в соперниках. Несмотря на то, что происходили форс-мажорные ситуации и заминки, как-то это стиралось за общим смехом и специальными подарками из альпинистского магазина. Хотелось оставить в памяти каждого, время, проведенное на Скале.


6. Есть ли советы для организаторов, в особенности, спортивного содержания?

Конечно, предугадать многие вещи мы не в силах, как оказалось уже во время  соревнований, я не подумала о человеке, который будет записывать результаты команд, подсчитывать очки, советоваться… У меня прошло это немного наобум, но ребята вроде не обиделись, когда я раздавала призы и объявляла результаты. Так что сами результаты так же важны, как и участие, стоит принять во внимание, что за игрой у людей есть собственные амбиции для достижений целей. Все-таки Astana Toastmasters Club для лидеров, и пусть, в шуточной форме, но мы пытаемся развить здоровое чувство азарта.

Дату мероприятия, количество человек желательно знать задолго до начала, это сэкономит вам кучу нервов и поможет быть полностью уверенным сколько времени уйдет на прохождения какого бы то ни было задания. Несколько участников, готовых прийти, отказались перед самым началом, из-за позднего вопроса «о недавних травмах». В спортивном мероприятии очень важно учесть факт состояния здоровья персонально.

Чтобы подытожить интервью, хотелось бы пожелать удачи и больше импровизации, она обычно всегда заводит застоявшийся мозг! Не бойтесь просить помощи, если что-то не получается или вошли в тупик, более опытные и неравнодушные люди не откажут в совете. Личный Опыт получился колоссальным.

Оригинальный пост по ссылке: Скала. Дотянуться до небес 


ATC Birthday Party – a recap from Aigerim Akiltayeva

Dear readers,

Today I would like to share with you happy moments of ATC 6th birthday celebration. 23rd of February is the official date when Astana Toastmasters Club was founded. The founder of ATC is Samat Panov, whom you can meet and chat with at our regular meetings.

The theme of the birthday party was Oscar. As you can imagine and see from the Facebook pictures it was a great party with movie-related contests and games. It was an amazing occasion, a day before the actual Oscars ceremony, the one on which almost everyone was eager to know whether Leonardo DiCaprio would get an Oscar.

The birthday party was organized by Assiya, Korlan, Zhanna and Tana, our beautiful and active members. Thanks to their effort the party was a blast!

Let me share few things we did and enjoyed that night. We were welcomed by nice greetings from our fellow members of ATC. I felt I was at the official ceremony, because there was the Red carpet, Oscar and nice sweets. The atmosphere was “cinematically” wonderful due to the fact all guests were dressed up in beautiful dresses and suits. Afterwards, there was a served dinner. Special thanks goes to Tana, who makes delicious cakes you can’t resist from.

What I love about ATC are people who attend and actively participate at these meetings. ATC celebrated its 6th year anniversary, a big accomplishment not every non-profit organization can achieve. All these years many people became a part of ATC and have contributed their time to leading the club (President, VPs). Moreover, ATC people are talented, generous and kind, who are eager to share their values and knowledge. Social events connect all these people together. You can see people smiling, talking endlessly and sharing their experience. ATC 6th annual party was not an exception to that. Playing various games, seeing people playing piano, dombyra, acting in a musical and singing were few things the guests were part of.

In the end of the party, guests, who stayed till the end, were dancing like nobody was watching them. As W. Purkey said, –

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching. Love like you’ll never be hurt. Sing like there’s nobody listening. And live like it’s heaven on earth”.

I think we danced and sang like nobody were watching us. We were too involved in the process of enjoying a happy moment of Now. Dancing was a great way to end that fabulous night.

So here are just few things you can enjoy if you join ATC family in our social events. Whether you are a member of ATC or not, you are always welcome to come and share the joy with us!

Sincerely yours,

Aigerim Akiltayeva


Behind the Curtain: ATC Bowling Tournament 6th February

Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by active and interesting people around? As someone said, surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. Astana Toastmasters Club is a great way to enhance your communication and leadership skills as well as to develop by interacting with different people.

Astana Toastmasters is the club not only oriented at public speaking and leadership skills, but also does socializing. One of the socializing events was bowling, held on the 6th of February. Members and non-members of ATC attended this event. It was a great chance to meet people outside of formal meetings and get to know each other better. Joining ATC will open up your possibilities and make your life a vivid adventure with interesting people around.

Yerlan Meirbek, our active member, organized the event. Let’s have a look how organization of such event can be great and fun. Yerlan was happy to share his insight and lessons learned from his first organization of a social event.

  1. Did you enjoy organizing this event?

Yes, of course. I really enjoyed the whole process. I faced with different questions: how to do it in a right way? Who can advise? What potential difficulties can I face?

The main point was to ask myself different questions and try to answer them honestly. Every situation is unique, so you will get different answers.

  1. What difficulties did you face while organizing this event?

The first one was regarding making key points (“checkpoints”), I tried not to forget anything because you don’t have a second chance to impress people (smiles) 😉

  1. How many people did you expect to attend the tournament? How many did actually turn up?

I expected that there would be 20-30 people. It was really difficult to predict the actual number of people, because some of them click “Yes, I go” on the Facebook event, but don’t show up.

Altogether we had 16 people who actively participated at the tournament and 3-4 guests who came to support the players.

  1. What strategy did you use?

First of all, I asked experienced members – ATC current officers. I asked their expert opinion and their answers really helped me with a strategy. As a club we organize many social events. For this particular event I used a “cost minimize” strategy, in order not to strain members’ monthly budget. We used 2 bowling lanes and participated “in the special offer” from the bowling administration. As a result, all these actions helped us to minimize costs.

  1. Overall, the event went great, but in your opinion for the next time will you organize things differently?

In future, I want a better use of delegation in organizing this kind of event. However, I really enjoyed the whole process.

That was Yerlan’s first experience and I’m glad it went well, because I very much enjoyed it. As for the winners, my biggest congratulations to the best male player – Assylan Akimbayev and the best female player – Assel Mussina! The best team award went to a team “Chocolate”. You can feel the essence of fun on photos on Facebook and also a video made by our lovely Dzhamilya Serikbayeva.


Aigerim Akiltayeva