Meeting Follow-up Sat 9 Apr 2016

We had a delightful meeting on Saturday and below, please, find my follow-up.

On April 9th we had a regular meeting with a theme “Volunteering”. It consisted of three sessions: prepared speakers session with 4 speakers, table topic session led by Olessya Akimenko and evaluation session led by Anuar Unaibekov.

First speaker of the day, Anuar Unaibekov, started his first project from advanced manual: Specialty Speeches. He presented his impromptu speech as an alumnus of school to its students on how to find something for yourself and how to live right and effectively.

Next, Elmira Baltabayeva got comfortable with visual aids in her speech “Danger to Life”. In her speech she warned us to watch out  the most dangerous place in Astana called McDonalds. Her main argument was that if we consumed fast food we might end up with unpleasant future of obese and unhealthy generation.

The third speaker, Asem Panova, gave a sales training speech as a professional speaker. Her main message was that everyone was a seller in a way and therefore the training would be useful for all of us. My favorite tip: “listen carefully what words a customer uses to describe her need” and repeat those exact words when selling the product.

The last speaker, Yernar Zhylkaidarov, gave his speech called “300 spartans”. There he compared us, 17 mln people of Kazakhstan, to 300 spartans because we had little population and we needed to work hard to be successful. He asked us to be in charge of our own future and be willing to change.

Of all the prepared speakers, the award of the best speaker went to Asem Panova.

After the first session we moved on to the table topic questions. Table topic master, Olessya Akimenko, encouraged everyone to volunteer and come up stage to answer her questions. I saw many hands willing to participate in the session. Among all of the speakers, the most votes for the best table topic speaker went to Bairam Orazov.

At the evaluation session, we had four very useful and to-the-point evaluations given by Assiya Babayeva, Yerlan Meirbek, Asset Omirzhanov and Korlan Bektassova. The best speech evaluator award went to Korlan Bektassova!

Thanks to evaluation team for giving nice feedback to all speakers: Sogdiana Akhmetova (ah-counter), Zhantuar Ertayev (timer), Banu Ibragim (grammarian) and to Anuar Unaibekov for leading the evaluation session.

At the end of the meeting we had many volunteers who wanted to speak at Open Mic. Elmira B invited all to Board Games later that day, Samat P encouraged us to run for officer positions for next year, Nurmukhamed asked for mentor to help with his icebreaker next week, Bairam O invited to provide any help to a local family, Assiya B reminded about ATC RUN marathon next week, Yerlan M asked to vote for the next advanced manual for him to do.

That’s about it. You can find more photos from the meeting on the
ATC Facebook page.
Have a wonderful week and stay cool!

Thank you,

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