Follow-up on the Burabay trip by Korlan Bektassova

It became a good tradition that members and friends of Astana Toastmasters Club gather together in the mid-summer in Burabay to celebrate the beginning of the new term.

Last weekend July 16-17 Astana Toastmasters Club held its annual Burabay Trip. The first event in the 2016-2017 Officers’ Term were organized by the officers Assiya Babayeva, Anuar Unaibekov, Yerzhan Omirkhanov, Yerlan Meirbek, Damira Kulakhmetova, Kanat Bazaraly and me, Korlan Bektassova.

There were 29 people, mostly members, but there were a few guests who have never been to an ATC meeting before. I hope they will decide to join the club shortly.

Most of the people took the train and gathered at the railway station at 7 am. Three-hour-trip ended very quickly while people were chatting, playing boarding games and even sleeping.

The weather played with us that day; heavy rain was pouring from the early morning but soon after the lunch the rain surprisingly stopped giving us the opportunity to go hiking to Bolektau mountain, from the top of which there is an amazing view to Burabay. After hiking the Sun came out and people rushed to the beach to sunbathe.



We stayed according to the Agenda and had an irregular meeting dedicated to National Treasures and I’d like to thank the Toastmaster of the meeting – sunny Zhanna Kussainova – for conducting the meeting in an easy and cheerful manner. We had three speakers:  Assiya Babayeva telling us a touching story “The Last Leaf”by O’Henry, Damira Kulakhmetova reading The Egg by Andy Weir , and past immediate president Anuar Zhumabayev who decided to redo his Competent Communicator award with his ice breaker. The best speaker award went to Anuar Zh.

The table topic session was prepared by Aidana Koptleuova who not only prepared thought-provoking and creative questions but also gave some facts about national treasures of Kazakhstan. She gave valuable gifts for best Table topic speakers and we had three of them Anuar, Yernar and Rakhilya. My personal favorite question was “Describe your day if you were a Golden man” and “How to win your lady’s heart with a dombyra”.

The best speech evaluator was Olessya Akimenko who gave a very constructive feedback to Damira’s speech.

While we were having a cozy meeting around the fire Aibek Bekenov- the chef together with his team was cooking shashlyks. After the meeting we had lots of meatand veggies followed by a lively outdoor disco.

Overall we did everything we had on the agenda: eating, dancing, performing speeches, playing games till 5 am, singing, hiking, cooking, swimming, sunbathing, playing ball, and etc.

I’d like to thank my amazing team for a wonderful job they have done and everyone for volunteering for preparing meals and cleanup.

Photos form the trip are posted on Facebook page.

P.s. The Budget is attached

The Budget of the Event 240 th. KZT(13 th. ATC budget 227 th. from participants)
Accommodation -70 th
Transportation -66 th
Food -83 Th
Balance 21 Thousand


The remaining balance will be rendered to ATC budget and spent for upcoming events.


President of Astana Toastmasters Club

Korlan Bektassova


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