Follow-up note/April 16, 2016

Dear Toastmasters,

On April 16, 2016, we had our regular Saturday meeting dedicated to the theme of Book Worms. The meeting started with a confession of madam Toastmaster about her being a book addict  However, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, a bookworm is a person who spends time on reading and studying, and well, obviously, the second part of the definition is not really associated with her… Just so you know…

There were 5 speakers in the Prepared speeches session. The first speaker, Anara Issayeva, presented her 4th speech from CC manual on the title “She was a girl, she was in love.” Her main message was that “love is sacred feeling, no matter what, insane, impossible, unrequited, ridiculous, it is worth living.” The second speaker, Assiya Babayeva, delivered her 2nd project from Storytelling manual, and told her story how she became a fitness trainer. Her personal story with genuine jokes made the audience laugh quite a lot. The third speaker, Anuar Zhumabayev, delivered a speech from the Leadership Excellence Series, and talked about visionary leaders. He nicely presented his prepared introduction to me, so I just had to read out it in front of others before welcoming him on stage. Thank you for that! The fourth speaker, Yerzhan Omirkhanov, completed his 3rd speech from CC manual on the title “Three books that have influence me.” Everyone in the meeting enjoyed his speech as it was thoughtful and sincere. The 5th speaker was Nurmukhammed Tashkenbayev with his ice-breaking speech. He talked about his name and Tashkent where he originally came from. As he told us, it was very advantageous to have such a long name as his mother used to forget what she was going to say to him while pronouncing his name 
The evaluation session was led by Anuar Unaibekov with his wonderful team of an ah-counter (Ardak Suleimenova), a grammarian (Lyubov Sartakova), and a timer (Elmira Baltabayeva) who successfully ignored my message on coming earlier to the meeting, and actually arrived at the meeting quite late. Anyway, thank you for coming! The speeches were evaluated by Damira Kulakhmetova, Korlan Bektassova, Anara Serikbayeva, Asset Abuov, and Bairam Orazov respectively.
The Table topic session was led by Zhanna Kussainova who handled the session in quite an unusual way (teams were formed to answer not-so-easy questions about books and create short stories on various genres) with prior tuning everyone to a positive wave with ChocoPie and M&Ms. The ChocoPie team was recognized as the winner of the Table topic session after delivering their love story about ChocoPie. Apparently, ChocoPie was in the trend that day  The session was full of laughter and fun. I am sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

So, Yerzhan Omirkhanov became the Best Prepared Speaker of the meeting, and Bairam Orazov was chosen as the Best Speech Evaluator. Please, accept my sincere congratulations!
Overall, the meeting was nice and smooth. I could not enjoy it as it was my first time of leading it as the toastmaster of the meeting, but the experience was worth of doing this job  I express my deep gratitude to my mentor, Korlan Bektassova, for helping me out. You are the Best!
Thank you all, for being nice, positive, supportive, and energetic!
Your toastmaster,
Banu Ibragim

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