Follow up note/ 2nd of April

Dear toasmasters!
2nd of April, on Saturday meeting, we had a regular meeting dedicated to Jokes and Pranks. The meeting has started on time with some changes in agenda but overall it was smooth and very Fun. As I noticed, speakers are getting better and better. Very good job! Thank you to our excellent speakers for their outstanding preparation.
The prepared speech session opened VP Education Korlan Bektassova. She presented Storytelling Project 5, bringing history to life with the Title “The Warrior Princess”. She brought up a story about gracious Tomiris and brave Rustam as usual using great rhetorical devices and rich vocabulary. Thus quote stuck in my mind: ” Behind every successful man is a woman, behind every successful woman is herself”.
The second speaker, Sogdiana Akhmetova, has completed the 5th project from CC manual, Your body speaks. She shared us a personal extreme story, and she greatly involved us in experiencing the bungee jumping and we really felt like we were jumping with her too.
The third speaker, Indira Kyilybayeva presented Interpretive reading #4 The Play. Anton Chekhov, Backboneless. She made us laugh and cry. I was speechless after her presentation, nowadays it is so actual. Dear toastmasters, always know and protect your rights. Read a play.
Anara Issayeva completed Project 3, Get to the point with the title “Cheap. Effective. Easy.” Anara did a hilarious job! She persuaded us to make compliments and she proved us how effective they can be! Сheap, effective, Easy! Definitely!
Askar Aitymov, Anuar Unaibekov’s little brother made his first entertaining ice breaking speech! Very soon, he will be among ATC members, hopefully!

The evaluation session was lead by Damira Kulakhmetova. Her team: Ah counter – Bairam Orazov, Timer- Ali Akiltayev, Grammarian- Myrzakhan Omarbayev arrived on time and performed their duties very well.
Evaluators were all professional speakers and they gave very useful feedback: Asem Panova, Aidar Abrayev, Asset Omirzhanov, Anara Serikabayeva and Assiya Babayaeva respectively.

The tabletopic session was lead by humorous Asset Abuov. The audience loved his questions and laughed a lot. ATC loves a black humor, but some of them like Asset Omirzhanov and Korlan Bektassova spit further :)
It was very challenging for audience to make their choice because all the speakers were different and outstanding. However, Indira and Anara were chosen as favorites one! The best evaluator became Asset Omirzhanov. in this life no one can surpass him! The best table topic speaker- Samat Panov! The same thing as with Asset. Not in this life :)
With best wishes,
your toasmaster
Zhanna Kussainova

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