Follow UP. March 29, 2016.

Dear Toastmasters,
Once Nuni said that when she first heard the ‘Toastmasters’ word it sounded for her like ‘Toastmonsters’. On this Tuesday, the 29th of March, we really witnessed speeches not from simple toastmasters, but from toastmonsters of our club.
Yerlan Meirbek opened prepared speeches session with his really entertaining speech. He cracked jokes about Yernar’s military service, his VIP haircut, ‘SIR YES SIR’ and stuff; about our best grammarian Banu and his own mistake on ‘imAgine’ word; about Anuar and his dreams of ending this presidency term; about myself and my belief that everything will be VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD, YEEEAH; and finally about Samat’s dream of 50th anniversary of our wonderful club. Although, as you see there was a lot of funny jokes, he managed not only to entertain the audience, but simultaneously to do an experiment and to convey a deep message that, if you set a long term goal, you will be much more productive than you are without it, no matter whether you are the person who does things ahead of required time, right on time or out of time. Thank you Yerlan, I always feel like a million dollars when I listen to your speeches.
The second speaker was Korlan Bektassova, with her own translation of Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin’s story about two loving dogs couple: Barbos, the dog that is kind of gangster of his district and the second character of the story was well-mannered Zhul’ka, which was real queen of the house and somehow she has less characters of dog than even some people have.))) Finally, truth be told, it was not a happy ending story. Nonetheless, Korlan definitely managed to touch hearts not only of those people who were able to understand her advanced level vocabulary, but even the heart of a person, who understood everything from her beautiful voice and touching eyes, I mean my heart, of course. By the way, I gave a try to find it in English and, probably I did it not thoroughly enough, but I couldn’t find the English version of the story. Probably, you are the first who did it. Thank you Korlan, that was amazing!
The last, but by far not the least speaker of the meeting was the best speaker of the meeting, Asem Panova, with her also very sincere and concurrently entertaining speech from far 1992. By that time, she was a sort of ‘bad’ girl of about 14 years old, who was really lucky to pass an exam and to enter a class with the highest level of English, while, from her own words, her English was literally hopeless. Asem said that most of the time, her life was easy for her and now, there is kinda balance in their family, because all the misfortune laid on her husband’s shoulders. ))) Anyway, I wish you both to be as shining as you are now and, I hope that Asem’s luck won’t leave you for the rest of your lives. Thank you Asem for such a beautiful story, it’s always exciting to open new edges of your astonishing personality.
Tana Seisembayeva led the Table Topic Session, where the best table topic speaker was Samat Panov. It was also very surprising to open some new sides of his life and one of the real sources of his enormous confidence. Thank you Samat for braveness of opening your heart to us and, I’m sure that now there is no simple hesitation in the fact that you are rather good man, as you can understand from my previous letter. P.S. Tana, thank you for your eagerness, you did it just excellently.
The Evaluation Session was led by Yerzhan Omirkhanov. By the way, I’m the only person who knows with what level of responsibility Yerzhan performed this role, calling me before the meeting and preparing to this role thoroughly in advance. The best evaluator of the meeting was Assiya Babayeva and she really deserved it. However, Anara Serikbayeva and Samat Panov gave very qualitative evaluations as well, receiving good numbers of votes from the audience. The Ah-counter, Timer, and Grammarian were Yernar Zhylkaidarov, Nuni Asker, and Banu Ibragim, respectively. Even though all the speakers were so experienced, Banu managed to find a bunch of mistakes in pronunciation and that was really useful. All in all, the evaluation session was held just smoothly, thank you all who contributed Yerzhan in this session.
By the end of the meeting, there was a great news from Yerzhan about cycling event that will be arranged by him in about 2 weeks. We are looking forward to this event Yerzhan and besides, you can write to our common chat, if you need helping with organizing the event, because we have an abundance of people who will be happy to facilitate you with this burden.
Overall, a lot of thanks go to all who took a part in building that warm atmosphere, which was in the air throughout the meeting. Thank you guys!!!
Best regards,
Anuar Unaibekov
Toastmaster of the meeting

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