Follow-up for 12th April meeting at NU

Hello, fellow toastmasters!

Please find a quick recap for ATC Tuesday meeting held on 12th of April at NU premises.

Meeting started couple of minutes later due to our timer having face control issues with local security. Anuar Zhumabayev was a general evaluator of the meeting and presented his team. Anara was quite surprised with her being a timer of the meeting, but she handled her role very well. So well and committed that half of the meeting she was sitting under the table near the power socket to be able to charge/use her phone/stopwatch.

The first speaker was Yerzhan who told us about how he got his first job, unexpected job interview questions, Gelandewagen boss and project he is currently working on. Then the crowd took some time to write him a feedback. The second speaker was Aigerim with her Happy feet = happy mind speech. She was showing us some terrific dance moves whilst promoting (!) salsa school in Astana. Needless to say that Asset couldn’t help dancing on his chair. The third speaker was Anara with her Evidence based nutrition speech. The main idea = Want to live longer? Start starving… now!

Table topic session was led by Anuar Unaibekov who prepared dope questions about outer space and stuff. Participants provided great answers. Asset started to advice others how to utilize energy that doesn’t even exist in nature and Anara Kasymbekova shared with her unusual life perspective.

Evaluation session went incredibly well. Followed by Let the guest talk session.
After that voting results were announced. Best prepared speakers were Yerzhan and Aigerim. Best table topic speakers were Asset and Anara. Best speech evaluator was Anuar Zhumabayev. Best ah-counter was Assylzhan Akynova.

Overall meeting went well and we managed to finish quite on time.

Thank you for your attention.

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