Frequently Asked Questions about

Astana Toastmasters Club

If you don’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact one of the officers.

You are a guest

Who can come to the regular meetings?

  1. Anyone can come to meetings
  2. You need to have sufficient level of English to be able to understand the speakers
  3. For all updates check social media (Facebook)

Is there an age requirement to attend a meeting?

No, there is no requirement, but if you want to become a member you need to be at least 18 years old

Do I need to do anything before coming to the meetings?

    1. No registration (to Saturday meetings, however, on Thursdays it might be necessary)
    2. No payment

What does a typical Astana Toastmasters meeting consist of?

Every meeting usually consists of three sessions:

  1. prepared speaker session – 4-5 speakers give speeches
  2. table topic session – all meeting guests can answer questions related to the theme of the meeting
  3. evaluation session – speech evaluators give feedback to each prepared speaker

What is the difference between Thursday and Saturday meetings?

    1. The meeting content is the same
    2. Location and time is different
          1. Saturday meeting: American Corner, Otyrar Library, Pushkin str., 10 @ 12:00-2:00 PM
          2. Thursday meeting: Various locations @ 7:00/7:30-9:00 PM Contact Sergeant-at-Arms for more information

Are guests required to speak at their very first meeting?

ATC would love to see many guests on our meetings and we encourage guests to introduce themselves and give feedback, but if you don’t feel comfortable talking, there is no requirement.

How can I become a member of ATC?

  1. You need to show your intention to VP Membership by contacting her/him
  2. You should perform a role of a grammarian, timer or ah-counter at one of the meetings (for the description go to How to Join tab)
  3. You should present your icebreaker speech – your first speech to the club about yourself (for the description go to How to Join tab)
  4. After completing both 2 and 3, the club will vote whether you can become a member
  5. To become a registered member, you need to pay a membership fee to Treasurer

Are there any prerequisites for me to become a member?

    1. You need to be at least 18 years old
    2. Your level of English should be, at least, Upper-Intermediate

How can I sign up to a mail list?

  1. contact Secretary of the Club OR send your name, email and phone # to

What is payment of membership for?

    1. 20$ – manuals
    2. $33,75 – semi-annual membership fee
    3. 3000 KZT – one time club’s fee

How long should I prepare for my icebreaking speech?

  1. It all depends on skills that you already possess
  2. To make sure that you’re on the right track you can contact any of these people: VP Membership, your speech evaluator, Toastmaster of the meeting, VP Education

What do I need prepare for the ice breaking speech?

    1. read a manual,
    2. prepare your speech,
    3. bring a copy of evaluation sheet,
    4. rehearse your speech,
    5. present your speech

Who will evaluate me?

  1. Speech evaluators, who are more experienced members of ATC
  2. They have completed your project and can give you constructive feedback

What benefits do I get if I join the club?

  1. improve your public speaking and leadership skills
  2. receive awards on communication and leadership skills

What are the benefits for my resume/ portfolio?

  1. You can add ATC to the clubs that you are a member of
  2. You can add any of the awards that you receive from Toastmasters International, as well as request Toastmasters International to send letter to your employer/professor/parents about your awards, if you wish
  3. You can list projects that you worked on while in the club

Is there any support from government in order to develop the Club?


You are a member

What happens when I become a member?

  1. Congratulations! Now you are part of Toastmasters International.
  2. You will receive two manuals (Competent Communicator and Competent Leader).
  3. You can request a mentor who can guide you in your path to a Competent Communicator – contact VP Education
  4. You can sign up for your future speeches and take meeting roles.

What roles can I take at a regular Astana Toastmasters meeting?

  1. Toastmaster
  2. General Evaluator
  3. Prepared Speaker
  4. Timer
  5. Grammarian
  6. Ah-counter
  7. Speech Evaluator

How do I choose a mentor?

You can either directly ask any member to be your mentor or contact VP Education to assign you the mentor

Which topics/subjects are allowed for discussion? Politics? Religion? Extremism?

Toastmasters International does not place restrictions on topics, content or language in any speech. However, remember that you’re not speaking for yourself, but for your audience. Proceed with caution on speeches about controversial topics and consult with club officers prior to presenting

What are Eligibility Points?

  1. Eligibility points initiative was developed to encourage members to develop leadership skills by performing meeting roles
  2. every time you perform a role, your eligibility points change
  3. your points get subtracted when you perform your speech
  4. your points get added when you perform any other role and also when you receive an award

Is it possible to change my time of performance/speech with another speaker?

  1. you should contact VP Education or a toastmaster of the meeting before you do so
  2. if you want to change the order you present with another speaker of the same meeting, you can do so, but let the toastmaster know
  3. if you want to change the date of your speech presentation, you need to remove your name from the list so that reserved speakers will get a chance to speak.
  4. you are not allowed to switch dates of speech presentations with other speakers without consulting with VP Education and toastmaster of the meeting

What are the manuals?

  1. Manuals are descriptions of projects with specific objectives. They are to guide you to become a better leader and communicator.
  2. There are two tracks that you can follow.
  3. Communication:
    1. CC – Competent Communicator
    2. ACB – Advanced Communicator Bronze
    3. ACS – Advanced Communicator Silver
    4. ACG – Advanced Communicator Gold
  4. Leadership:
  5. CL – Competent Leader
  6. ALB – Advanced Leader Bronze
  7. ALS – Advanced Leader Silver
  8. If you complete all of these manuals you can get a DTM award – Distinguished Toastmaster
  9. For more information follow this link. or ask your mentor/officers to explain in detail.

How do I choose Advanced Manual?

  1. there are 15 advanced manuals and you don’t have to complete them all
  2. each manual has 5 projects in it
  3. you need to complete any two manuals (10 projects) to get an Advanced Speaker award

How can I become a mentor?

  1. to be eligible, you need to complete at least 5 speeches
  2. then you can contact VP Education, letting her know that you are available (willing to be a mentor)
  3. or you can find a mentee by yourself and approach VP Education after that

What are the criteria to become a Speech Evaluator?

  1. You can become a Speech Evaluator, if you completed 5 projects.
  2. You can only evaluate the projects, you completed yourself (does not apply to advanced manuals)

How can I become an officer of ATC?

  1. Elections are once in a year at the end of June. There is one in December if an officer decides to stop serving.
  2. You can nominate yourself for any number of positions.
  3. You need to prepare your campaign and present it on the elections day.
  4. Club presidents elected for a term of one year may not be re-elected for a successive term. Club presidents elected for a term of a half-year may be re-elected for one successive term of a half-year. No president may serve more than 12 consecutive months

What benefits do I get if I attend and develop public/leadership skills on a regular basis?

Speaking from experience of ATC members:

  1. We feel comfortable to talk before public
  2. We construct our thoughts more clearly
  3. We develop our vocabulary and grammar
  4. We take part in and lead social projects  

Who should I need to contact when I have questions about the club?

  1. VP Education – role chart, eligibility points
  2. VP Membership – to consult on membership opportunities
  3. VP PR – to promote your event, a project or accomplishments (success stories)
  4. Secretary – to ask about guest speakers
  5. Treasurer – membership fee
  6. VP IT – website ideas and questions
  7. Sergeant-at-Arms – venue questions
  8. President – where club is heading, manuals

Can I invite guest speakers and who should I talk to?

Yes, you can but before doing so, please, contact Secretary

Can I make a speech on topics that were already given by other speakers?

Yes, you can select any topic that will help you to meet your project objectives

How can I leave the Club?

You can do so anytime, however, the membership fee won’t be returned

Can I return money paid for the membership?

No, we send your payment to Toastmasters International and it is non-refundable