“Kazakh Lovers Day: Ұят емес” meeting follow-up

Dear members and guests of Astana Toastmasters Club.

On 12th of April we had a special session, which we conducted in Kazakh language. This is tradition of our club to conduct session in our native language once in a year. Topic of the session was: “Kazakh Lovers Day: Ұят емес”. Our session was dedicated to Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu lovers day, which is celebrated in Kazakhstan since 2011.

At that day we had three wonderful speakers:

Saltanat Tangbayeva, with her Project #1 from entertaining speaker manual – «Той басталды ауылда». She was talking about her brother’s wedding preparation.

Aiymgul Yklassova, with her project #7 from Competent Communications Manual – «Кешігу әдет пе, дерт пе?» She provided an example about respecting people’s time in Switzerland, where people come to the meetings with mathematical accuracy.

Aigerim Seitenova, with her project #2 from Competent Communications Manual – «Ұятмен феномені». Aigerim was talking about shame phenomenon in our country, and by the end of her speech she astonished participants of the meeting, citing the phrases from Abay’s poetry.

Table topic session was held by our VP Edication Saule Temirbayeva, who prepared 6 questions about love and Lover’s day.

Aiymgul Yklassova won “Best prepared speaker” award. Our guest Almas Turakov achieved “Best Table Topic Speaker” designation. Another guest Kuat Tleuzhanuly won “Best Evaluator” title.

I would like to thank every people, who came to our special meeting. Stay tuned with ATC.

P.S. Photos and videos from meeting can be found on our social media pages in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Sincerely yours,

Alisher Tazhinov,

Treasurer of Astana Toastmasters Club

Toastmaster of the meeting


Kazakh Lovers Day: Ұят емес” басқосуына шолу

Астана Тостмастерс клубының мүшелері және қонақтары.

Сәуірдің он екінші жұлдызында біз қазақ тілінде арнайы басқосуымызды өткіздік. Біздің клубымыздағы дәстүрлердің бірі – жылына бір рет басқосуымызды ана тілінде жүргізу. Басқосудың тақырыбы: “Kazakh Lovers Day: Ұят емес”. Басқосу Қозы-Көрпеш пен Баян-Сұлу ғашықтар күніне орай өткізілді. Бұл мейрам Қазақстанда 2011 жылдан бастап атап өтілуде.

Басқосуымызда үш спикеріміз өзінің алдын-ала дайындаған жобаларымен бөлісті.
Салтанат Таңбаева – №1 жоба – «Той басталды ауылда». Салтанат ағасының үйлену тойына иесі ретінде дайындық үрдісін сипаттады.
Айымгүл Ықыласова – №7 жоба – «Кешігу әдет пе, дерт пе?». Айымгүл өзінің және басқалардың уақытын үнемдеу жайлы сөйледі. Мысалы, Швейцарияда адамдар кездесулерге математикалық дәлдікпен келеді.
Айгерім Сейтенова – №2 жоба – «Ұятмен феномені». Айгерім Қазақстандағы ұятмен феномені туралы сөйледі, жобасының қорытынды бөлімін Абай атамыздың қара сөзімен аяқтады.

Суырып-салма бөлімін білім вице-президенті Сәуле Темірбаева жүргізді. Ол махаббат және Ғашықтар күні туралы 6 сұрақ дайындады. Басқосуымызға келген қонақтар мен клуб мүшелері Басқосу тақырыбына байланысты дайындалған сурып-салма бөлімі сұрақтарына жауап беріп, ой бөлісуге мүмкіндік алды.

Айымгүл Ықыласова «Ең үздік спикер» атағына ие болды. Біздің қонақтар Алмас Тұрақов пен Қуат Тілеужанұлы «Ең үздік суырып салма сөз сөйлеуші» мен «Ең үздік бағалаушы» атақтарымен марапатталды.
Біздің басқосуымызға келгендеріңіз үшін алғыс айтамын. АТС-мен бірге болыңыздар.

Алишер Тажинов
Астана Тостмастерс Клубының Қазынашысы
Басқосудың Тостмастері.

The USA Country day followup from Alisher Tazhinov



Dear Friends,

On December 21st we had a special meeting dedicated to the USA. Our guest was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States to Kazakhstan Mr. George A. Krol. Unlike other ambassadors, who usually tell us about their countries and diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan, Mr. Krol gave us valuable insights on how to present yourself, how to gave motivational speech. Mr. Ambassador also shared history of his diplomatic path, while serving as an Ambassador to Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.


We were surprised about Mr. Krol’s deep knowledge of “Kokpar” – Kazakh famous game. He even noticed, that cowboys from Wyoming were specifically coming to Kazakhstan to learn playing “Kokpar”. Later Ambassador’s speech was followed by Q&A session, which lasted more than 10 minutes.
At that day we had two more wonderful speakers:
Korlan Bektasova aka Deputy Mayor of Astana with her “Smog in the city” speech from “Communicating on video” manual.
Yerlan Meirbek with his speech about famous Russian scientist D.I.Mendeleyev.
Table topic session was lead by incredible Aidana Kenesbayeva, who prepared 7 questions about the US. Each participant of Table topic session was awarded by a pin, that marks 25th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and the US.
 Korlan Bektasova won “Best prepared speaker” award. Yerik won “Best table topic speaker” and Raushan Satibaldiyeva was the best evaluator. Each winner was awarded with a T-shirt.
Special thanks to the secretary of our club Aigerim Akiltayeva for the organisation of the meeting and the US Embassy for providing the T-shirts and pins for participants.

P.s. The video of the speech of Mr. Ambassador you can find on Youtube channel

The photos from the meeting are posted on our Facebook page
Alisher Tazhinov.

Country day Follow-up December 2, 2017 by Raushan Satibaldiyeva

Dear Toastmasters,

On December 2nd we had a special meeting dedicated to one of the most wonderful european countries – Hungary. Our honored guest – Dr. Andras Baranyi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary pf Hungary to Kazakhstan gave a speech about his country, his diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan, bilateral relationships between Kazakhstan and Hungary, and some facts that prove the historical ties of the countries. Did you know that Peoples of Kazakhstan and Hungary have common historical roots. Nowadays, about 100 thousands of descendants of kypshak (a Kazakh tribe) origin who migrated from the territory of modern Kazakhstan about 750 years ago reside in Hungary. Mr. Ambassador also mentioned the existence of the largest low-cost airline from Astana to Budapest named Wizzair. His speech was followed by Q&A session where the audience asked their questions to our honored guest.

We had 3 more speakers who delivered their speeches in Prepared speeches session. Almat Juvashev presented us his Project #3 from CC manual titled “Error is a human: prescription of medicine in outpatient settings”.

The third speaker was Aigerim Akiltayeva, who introduced her future HPL project, the title of her speech –  “Sharing my vision”.

Nurmukhambet Tashkenbayev told us about his trip to New York and shared some interesting stories under the title “New York – rubber city”. His project was #4 from CC manual.

After the prepared speeches session the audience voted for the best speaker and most votes went to Almat Juvashev who won Best Prepared speaker award.


Table topic session was led by Alisher Tazhinov who prepared 9 questions on Hungary, however most questions were for knowledge of some details and facts about country. We were very glad to know that most audience were aware of the country, its history, culture and traditions. Raushan Satibaldiyeva asnwered the last questions about the developing the relationships between Kazakhstan and Hungary, shared some tips and became the Best Table topic speaker.


Saule Temirbayeva, our VP Education led Evaluation session where her team members: Grammarian Gulbanu Dyyssupova, Ah counter Asset Omirzhanov and Timer Zulfiya Hazhina were doing a good job during the whole meeting and provided their own reports at the end of the meeting. Speech evaluators team consisted of three advanced and experienced evaluators: Korlan Bektassova, Saule Temirbayeva and Kanat Bazaraly. The audience chose Korlan Bektassova as the Best evaluator of the meeting.

We had a lot of newcomers and guests who were very interested in the country and our club, who were very active during Table topic session and hopefully join our club as a member.

The meeting was marvelous  and entertaining because of the speeches, new information, feedbacks and friendly and nice atmosphere at the meeting thanks to our Guest speaker, speakers, role takers and guests.

Many thanks to Alisher Tazhinov who invited Mr. Ambassador and Aigerim Akiltayeva who was a Toastmaster of the meeting.

P.s. The video of the speech of Mr. Ambassador we can find on Youtube channel:

And the photos from the meeting are posted on ATC Facebook page


Raushan Satibaldiyeva

Your VP PR









Estonia Country Day Follow-up Note from Anara Badyrlenova

On Saturday, February 25, 2017 Astana Toastmasters Club (ATC) hosted Estonia Country Day.
Counsellor for Economic Affairs, Mr. Kalvi Noormagi has gladly agreed to accept ATC invitation and to talk about his beautiful country.
We have had a very nice presentation from Mr. Noormagi talking about his country, about Kazakhstani-Estonian relationships, current projects and further prospects of cooperation between our two states and nations.
Plenty of interesting facts about his country were shared, for example Mr. Noormagi told that Estonia’s economy continues to benefit from a transparent government and policies that sustain a high level of economic freedom, ranking 6th globally and 2nd in Europe. A simplified tax system with flat rates and low indirect taxation, openness to foreign investment, and a liberal trade regime have supported the resilient and well-functioning economy. The 2017 Ease of Doing Business Index by the World Bank Group places the country 12th in the world, surpassing neighboring Finland, Australia, Germany, Canada and Switzerland. The strong focus on the IT sector has led to much faster, simpler and efficient public services where for example filing a tax return takes less than five minutes and 98% of banking transactions being conducted through the internet.
Mr. Noormagi has brought with him Estonia maps and brochures for meeting attendants to acquaint themselves with the country.
In the end of the speech we had about 20 minutes Q&A session, which became a fascinating part of the meeting since ATC-members have addressed a range of varied questions to Mr. Noormagi.

Best regards,
Anara Badyrlenova
VP Education


Meeting Followup 21 JAN 2017 by Aliya Sariyeva

Last Saturday we had an amazing meeting!

It started with inspirational speech of Mr. John Register, the Associate Director for Community and Veterans Programs for U.S. Paralympics. He is a two-time Paralympic athlete and a speaker, inspirer and motivator who uses his life experience to challenge everyone to never settle into their setbacks, but to hurdle their adversity in all aspects of life. Mr. Register motivated us to never give up and find a lot of advantages in tough situations. Thank you very much for your time and motivation!
The next speaker was Aisha Beisenova who delivered her second speech “The foundation for a lifetime success”. Aisha told us about Montessori system of children’s early development. Her final  quotation of Dr. Montessori is still resonating in my mind: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Thank you!
Third speaker Aidana surprised us by proving that eating cakes is really worth it. She made her own research required by project 7 “research your topic” and reached her objective. By the end of her speech she came up with pleasant surprise – diet cakes for all. Yummy! Please, consider making this good tradition in your further performances. =)
Speaker number 4 was Damira Kulakhmetova with amazing role-play from Mario Puzo’s “Godfather”. If you were not there you missed a lot! Damira is such a talented actress! She presented several scenes where different people came to the Godfather to ask for a favor. Damira made the exact voice of Don Korleone in the movie and even brought a teddy bear to substitute a cat she caressed. On the other hand, she cried, kissed the godfather’s hand and asked for justice roleplaying guests. I just can’t stop writing about my impressions. Thank you very much, Damira! Guys, consider taking this cool manual “Interpretive reading”!
And the last but not the least was our icebreaker Rakhilya Ibildayeva, whose desire to ask questions brought her to ATC. Rakhilya’s main intention is to serve people. I think ATC is just the right place for serving community. We enjoyed Rakhilya’s speech so much that voted for her as the best prepared speaker and new member of the club. Welcome to the family, Rakhilya! 
After prepared speech session we proceeded with table topics session led by creative Aigerim Kosheken. She had a VIP question where the volunteer had to show some statements written only using her body. Diana Kim successfully completed this task winning the best table topics speaker award and was also voted to be ATC member. Welcome, Diana!
During the evaluation session our wonderful team consisting of Elmira Balatabayeva (GE), Saule Temirbayeva (timer), Yuriy Kim (ah-counter), Diana Kim (grammarian), Raushan Satibaldiyeva, Korlan Bektassova, Aigerim Akiltayeva and Anara Badyrlenova (all speech evaluators) provided constructive feedback to all speakers. Our new VP Education Anara Badyrlenova won the best speech evaluator award.
My main takeaways from this meeting were:
  • face problems as challenges
  • deliver speeches and learn public speaking by doing, not just watching and listening
  • if you like something find reasons to do it
  • keep discovering new talents like acting within yourself
  • keep asking questions, they can take you out of your comfort zones to the places where magic happens

Thank you for reading this long follow up note till the end =) See you this Thursday!

Toastmaster of ATC meeting, Jan 21
Aliya Sariyeva, DTM

Country Day Followup by Aidana Koptileuova

Dear Toastmasters!

It is pleasure for me to write Follow-up for our past Country Day meeting at ENU dedicated to beautiful, enchanting country – India. I am glad to narrate about this wonderful event, which was provided by Aigerim Kosheken – toastmaster of the meeting.

The president of Astana toastmasters club Korlan Bektassova, who was dressed in a sari (present from our сharming Kanat Bazaraly), gently opened the meeting.

Then toastmaster of the meeting presented her role and team (she was in sari as well), which consisted from General evaluator – Yerlan Meirbek, ah-counter Gulimkhan Abdikhalik, timer – Daniyal Nugerbekov and grammarian- Saule Temirbayeva.

Prepared Speakers session was opened by his Excellency Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan H.E. Shri Harsh Kumar as our guest Speaker. He told us a lot of facts about his country and relationship with Kazakhstan. After his Excellency’s report as usual participants asked some questions.

The second speaker was Saltanat Tangbaeva with her Competent communication project #3 “Never say Never in This Country”. Third speaker was me, I performed my CC project #6 “Hardness of honesty”. I tried to explain why we shouldn’t lie to our children. Fourth speaker Serob Manukyan brilliantly detailed about interventional cardiology and he urged us not to muss up this expression with intersexual cardiology, which is not existed. I am sure, everyone got it very well. Dernier speaker was Dauren Aubakirov, who performed his ice-breaking speech.

Next part of the meeting was devoted to Table Topic Session, organized by Raushan Satibaldiyeva. We enjoyed ten questions and got candies for correct answer. Btw, she was our third girl in sari.

Succeeding section was Evaluation session. Yerlan Meirbek, Aigerim Akiltaeva, Kanat Bazaraly, Sogdiana Akhmetova gave their feedbacks to the speakers in course. Also General evaluator and his command made detailed report of their duty.

At the end of her role toastmaster provided Award Session. Lucky of the meeting were:

Best speaker – Serob Manukyan,

Best Evaluator – Yerlan Meirbek and Aigerim Akiltaeva.

Our guest speaker his Excellency enjoyed our meeting till the end and it was the right decision, because our three ladies in sari did not just wear it, they performed Indian dance in flash mob with all of us.

As details want to add: Korlan Bektassova announced that Aigerim Kosheken will be representative of ATC at Toastmasters Speech Contest 2016.

The latest news was, that Astana toastmasters club finally have found VP PR in my person. Everyone except Yernar Zhylkaidarov voted in favor of me. 😉

Afterwards I would like to thank Yerlan Meirbek and Kanat Bazaraly, for believing in me and inspiring to become VP PR. And a lot of thanks to Korlan Bektassova, who was happy to accept me as a new officer. I sincerely love ATC and promise to do my best in future.

Always yours,

Aidana Koptileuova.


Meeting Followup 5 NOV 2016 by Assiya Babayeva

Dear Toastmasters,

Let me briefly remind you what a wonderful meeting we had last Saturday.
First of all I’d like to emphasize the fact that the majorityof roles were distributed beforehand. Great job! The rest was excellently appointed by our General evaluator, Korlan Bektassova.
There were 4 speakers doing various topics from Competent Communicator manual, the first and basic one in Toastmasters educational program. Yerzhan Omirkhanov opened our meeting with his speech entitled Top US Schools. He shared with us some essential features and personal charecteristics which Ivy Leagues schools strive to discover in their candidates within the 7th project, Research your topic.
Then Daniyal Nugerbekov pressented the 4th project which was aimed to communicate the message accurately ad vividly. Daniyal talked what was behind Donald Trump’s campaign and his figure. Lots of curious, intriguing thoughts and ideas.
The third speaker brought a difference into a male company – Aidana Shaniyeva gave her scientific point of view regarding talent, simultaneously the meeting topic. Aidana completed the 2nd project, Organize your speech.
The fourth performer was traditionally an ice-breaker. We were lucky to hear Mathew Charnetski and the reasons he chose Kazakhtsan as his next adventure destination. Personally Mathew persuaded me that the cold particluarly in Astana is not bad….It is fun and joy!
As far as the meeting topic was ‘What’s your talent?’ the table topic master, Gulimkhan Abdikhalik, prepared terrific questions. I especially liked the last one, challenging and creative. It required to show up your talent, which Raushan Satibaldiyeva brilliantly did. Ton francais est magnifique, Raushan!
The evaluation session went on very successfully as each speaker got valuable feedback. Thanks to Aigerim Kosheken, Aikorkem Nurzhanova, Anuar Zhumabayev and Aidana Koptileuova. Evaluation is a gift, and good one is priceless.
The best of the last Saturday meeting became:
BEST prepared speaker – Mathew Charnetski
BEST evaluator – Anuar Zhumabayev
BEST table topic speaker – Chandan Sarma.
Kind regards,
Assiya Babayeva
Toastmaster of the meeting, NOV 5th

Meeting Follow-up 17 Sep 2016 by Zhanna Kussainova

17th of September, we held a regular meeting dedicated to “Festivals around the world.” The meeting started two minutes late by VP Education Assiya Babayeva and smoothly continued by me, toastmaster of the meeting, Zhanna Kussainova.

A general evaluator, Elmira Baltabayeva, introduced her team: ah counter -Gulim Aimagambetova ( not a member), timer – Aidana Kopteleuova ( she stepped in to be a timer instead of Gabit Matayev) , grammarian- Aigerim Kosheken. Aigerim Kosheken introduced a new word Rib-tickling which means very funny and amusing.

The first session, Prepared speakers one, consisted from six speakers according to the agenda. However, life is not that predictable and as usual it added some colors. One speaker didn’t show up, others were extremely late except one-two.

So the third speaker, Myrzakhan Omarbayev, jumped to be the first one. He made his ninth project, Persuade with power from Competent Communicator. His title of the speech was “New generation of labor classes”. It was science oriented and he provided a really good analogy on how poor the government invests on technology whereas supporting football teams. He tried to persuade and popularize new work zones, fab lab, where everyone has an opportunity to create new products.

The second speaker, surprisingly, was an ice breaker- Yuriy Prokopenko. He made his first speech with the title “ Moscow never sleeps”. He talked about his active student life: theatre ,debate clubs. We could feel how much he enjoyed his student life and how it shaped him as an individual. If you have a notion that Moscow is a cold and cruel city, Yuriy’s speech would definitely clear this illusion with the words: “Don’t be afraid of Moscow”.

The third speaker was Nuni Asker, she made her Competent Comminicator, project #5,   Your body speaks, “Brand name vs. Generic drugs” talked about generic and  brand  drugs and has persuaded all of us that there is no formula difference between them except price. She was confident and used interesting slides to support her ideas. Here we learnt not to be afraid to buy cheap medicines.
The fourth speaker, Aigerim Sanayeva, made her 8th project, Visual aids  from Competent Communicator manual. She shared how she and her team created non profit “ Naiza Toastmasters” club and hardships she faced along. We learnt how it is important to be stoical and optimistic on achieving our goals.
The last speaker was an icebreaker, Akbota Sabetova. She was sincere and confident and she shared how much she loves travelling and learning new things. She also told us how vital to be surrounded by kind and good people on our pathway.

The table topic session “ Festivals around the worls”  was held by Myrzakhan Omarbayev, He prepared six questions and everyone was active and involved.

The evaluation session was held by a general evaluator, Elmira Baltabayeva. The evaluators gave their short and relevant to the project feedbacks and comments.

The best speaker and tabletopic master became beautiful and charismatic Akbota Sabetova. The best evaluator was announced experienced and concise President Korlan Bektasova.

In open microphone session Korlan B. and Aidana K. reminded everyone that members need to renew their membership by paying a fee of 12 000 KZT.

As a toastmaster, I would like to say, please dear toastmasters, be mindful and responsible. I beg you to improve time management skills and value other’s time, especially yours.

Sincerely your toastmaster,
Zhanna Kussainova


Xplorers club in Milan, Italy

One of the activities every toastmaster should certainly engage yourself with when traveling abroad is to visit other toastmasters clubs to share experience and meet like minded people.
During my short stay in Milan,Italy I was lucky to have a chance to visit a meeting of the bilingual Xplorers toastmasters Club. It was their first meeting after a month of vacation in August. (Everybody in Italy is on vacation in August).
VP membership coordinates the visitors to the club since the space is limited. There were about 30 people present and at least 10 of them were visitors like me.
Since the club is bilingual only one speech out of four prepared speeches was in English. Everything else was in Italian. As one of the members sitting next to me said and I quote : “we are too lazy to
speak English” 😉
However, I still managed to grasp the main idea of the speeches delivered and now I’m 100 percent sure that our body language and vocal variety are strong tools in delivering any message.
The general evaluator of the meeting who is also the president Catherine Balavoine performed her role in English as a courtesy to me.
The agenda is very informative: I liked that it had project objectives and indication of min-max time limit.


So here are the highlights of the meeting, some details which members of Astana Toastmasters Club may find interesting to know and perhaps later to implement in the club:
1) Everyone, even the visitors had a badge with his/her name which is really helpful when meeting new people. VP membership prepares and prints our all badges beforehand. Since I was not sure if I would be
able to make the visit: my badge was filled at the spot.




2) Timer is equipped with a special device with green, yellow and red lights, as well as a bell which he rang from time to time to remind that, for example, it is time to move to the next point of the agenda.
The timer also rings the bell when a Speaker exceeds the maximum time limit for more than 10 seconds (I believe). There was also a honk which was not used. I guess it is used when someone severely violates
the time limit 😁

3) All visitors receive the agenda and evaluation guides for all of the speeches. So everyone gives feedback following the guidelines on evaluation sheets. Three minutes are spared for that after each speaker. All feedback is collected by sergeant of arms and given to the speaker at the end of the meeting. Personally I found it too complicated to write a feedback for the speaker according to the evaluation guide, since there is an assigned speech evaluator and not everyone in the audience might be experienced enough to give such evaluations, especially it might be too much for the newcomers.

4) Voting is at the end of the meeting. And the votes are counted by the vote counter.
5) There were two grammarians: English and Italian. Each of them give their feedback at the end of the meeting. I especially liked how English grammarian explained the new word.

6) There were two people in the agenda assigned as leadership evaluators. I didn’t have a chance to learn what their responsibilities were, but I guess they were responsible for filling out competent leadership manuals.
In general, I loved the meeting. The atmosphere was super relaxing and supportive. Everybody was so friendly and invited me to join for dinner after the meeting.
I wish I could stay to talk to people and share our practices but I couldn’t.
Though I don’t speak or comprehend Italian, two hours spent with Xplorers toastmasters made me once again understand that Toastmasters unite people around the world.