ATC Color Run 2018

What is ATC Color run? Mission, goals and values.

Astana Toastmasters Club opened their summer season with a colorful event – ATC Color run, which wasn’t limited to physical exercises and running; it included color battle and tree planting on top of everything, which made the event different from analogous events in the club. The mission of the event was to unite not only club members, but also other interested citizens of Astana, in healthy, fun, and meaningful activities. We wanted all the participants of the Color run enjoy the event and also be proud of themselves, because of their intention to challenge themselves in running their chosen distance on a relatively early time on Sunday, and also their desire to contribute by presenting a “green” gift to Astana city. Considering the mission, we finalized our organization actions to achieve the next goals:

  • Every participant, ATC color run organization team member and volunteer should be satisfied and happy;
  • Astana Toastmasters Club should be portrayed in a positive manner to the organizations and individuals outside the club;
  • Trees should be found and planted (main charity action of the Run);
  • The judgement of the run methenolone acetate should be fair;
  • The event should not deviate much from the schedule and include all the main activities (such as warm-up, color battle, etc.). index

Our values, when organizing the event, interconnect with the Toastmasters values, and include: Respect, integrity, service and excellence. 15Our event coincided with the national  #drugoity (#anotheryou) challenge, the purpose of which was to raise awareness in sport among Kazakhstani population. We decided to announce our support to that challenge and propose to all the participants to take part in it (sharing their  pictures to social media with a hashtag #atccolorrun2018): i.e. ATC Color run was a perfect beginning for that challenge.10To read more about the idea of Color run follow this link http://telegra.ph/Interview-with-the-ATC-Summer-Color-Run-organizer-Kamila-Bekshentayeva-05-24        

Organization team. The organization team consisted of the following people:Kamila Bekshentayeva (initiator), Saltanat Tangbayeva, Ainur Kartayeva, Aiganym Kadrina, Gulnaz Tabesheva, Rafael Bekshentayev.16We were getting support from Kanat Bazaraly (general advice) and Alisher Tajinov (financial questions).

  • The team of timers-judges: Chingiz, Almat, Korlan, Aiyumgul, Zhanna, Iakov Kozlov.
    The team of volunteers (who were throwing colors):  Dana, Guldariya, Gulnara and Madina.
    At the day of the event Kuanysh helped with a warm-up. We also got support from Akimat’s side, who provided us with experienced sport instructor.
    Akbota interviewed Kamila, and advertized the event in today.kz.

Preparation. The process of preparation was not hard itself, probably due to the sincere attitude of each organization team member to the idea. From the very first moment of joining to the team each of us believed in that we could make this event happen with our joint efforts, cause we are fond of running, especially if it benefits the environment.
We were ready for the obstacles and problems, that are not inevitable in any organization work, but we can not remind now any serious of them. There were some delays in negotiation with the third parties, like city governors, partner companies. Things were not clear in our negotiations with BI group and Astana akimat, until two days before the Color run. Even such kind of tough talks had reached surprisingly best results thanks to negotiation skills of our team member responsible for Government relations, Rafael.
Indeed, each of us had its own area of responsibility, which were distributed according to skills and possibilities the team member possesses. Adding all the pieces of work done on time we got this whole bright event organized. 17

However, organizing such a public event, where the public plays an active role, the key challenge was in attracting sufficient number of participants. Thus, the idea itself should motivate people to take a part, and it did indeed as we have heard afterwards from participants’ feedback: some of them encouraged by the tree planting and others by the color throwing part. Moreover, all over the preparation period, which had started in April, we were continuing to promote the event via all possible social networks, posting about benefits of running for health, and  media, publishing an article about the upcoming event in today.kz.

As result, seeing the list of registered persons to the run was another motivation for us, cause we had the whole family registered or group of friendly people, like Astana Sparta club members, who considered our event as a good opportunity to spend time together and do a KIND thing. It is more telling about consciousness of the citizens, which could not leave us indifferent.

Of course, since we were all busy at work or caring after a baby in daytime, we had to sacrifice our sleep several times having our night meetings in order to make things as they were initially imagined. Preparing the runner’s kit turned out to pe the most time demanding part, cause every thing we put in it was handmade with love.=) Still we enjoyed every our meeting driven by the idea of making this happy event possible.

After getting such a positive energy back from the event, we are full of inspiration and enthusiasm to reunion in the future beneficial events.

Focus areas of the organization team:

Warm up
Speakers, megaphone
20 trees, water machine, shovels
Awards and thank you gifts
Snacks and water
Bracelets (for each participant)
Timing team
Runners’ and other participants labels, water labels
Certificates design
Runners’ kits
Communication with registered people
Social media, videos
Tables and chairs
Colors 13

The most challenging thing for us was to find trees. As it turned out, they were expensive to purchase, and we were determined to ask for help from outside. Astana Akimat of Almaty region after our second request replied positively, and gave us 20 young pear trees, water machine and shovels, for which we are extremely grateful. index.jpg11

To have a smooth and clear planning of the event, we had several meetings with BI group, the owner of Triathlon park. Firstly, we discussed the possibility of having the Color run on June, 3rd, so that the event didn’t conflict other possible events. They approved our idea to plant trees, and showed the place, where we could plant them.
Another moment, that is worth mentioning, is our meeting with the initiator of free Sunday fitness in Astana parks. We proposed to run our events simultaneously. The initiator liked the idea, since we guaranteed people, and he had a fitness instructor, who could help us with warm-up and other related questions. However, as it turned out on the day of the event, the fitness instructor was taking “too much” on him, and prevented the smooth work of our own timers and judges. 1

At the day of the event and results. The weather decides a lot, and on the day of the event we expected some rain, which could “ruin” our Color run. Yet, by 9 in the morning the sky cleared out, however, it still was freezing and windy (frankly saying, not a nice weather for a summer run). In spite of such conditions, our heros – participants of the Color run, made it to the event, some event brought their family members and friends, and we got about 20 more people who wanted to join the challenge and fun! 7

The truck with trees arrived promptly at 9 am (thanks to Akimat), as well as tables and chairs (thanks to American Corner, Kuanysh and Kanat). The organization team prepared the registration, colors and snacks stations. The registration started as people kept coming. Participants were receiving their runners’ kits, socializing, having snacks, taking pictures, jumping to warm up. Our volunteers, timers and photographer – all came in time. Our warm up started with Kuanysh, who showed couple of before-run exercises. 11

Then organization team girls showed some fun latin dance movements. The final warm up was from the experienced instructor, and then, the participants were given a command to run. 9

The results of Color run (winners):


3K male


1st Artur Temraliev 8.40 min

2nd Viktor Balmanov 9.44 min

3rd Karim Akhmediev 9.58 min

3K female


1st Aina Ussenova 11.05 min

2nd Viktoriya Balmanova 13.02 min

3rd Aisulu Yensegenova 13.04 min

7K male


1st Kuanysh Sadykov 27.15 min

2nd Bagdat 31.05 min

3rd Bakhtiyar Mustafinov 31.31 min

7K female


1st Asel Zholdasova 40.26 min

2nd Diana Karasheva 40.50 min

3rd Aigerim Aubakirova  41.09 min



After the run, people were invited to take part in Color battle. Not many were willing to join though, because they didn’t want to color their shoes and clothes. Anyways, most of participants were happy even just to take a photo with colored runners to take a bright memory with him.When the winners were awarded, the remaining participants started planting trees, which was very exciting. 8


Financial report

Item (quantity) Cost (KZT)
Color powder (5 kg) 25000
Awards to the winners (12) 15000
Tshirts (9) 22500
Thank-you-gifts 15500
Bracelets (100) 25000
Plastic color sprayers 3000
Snacks: bananas and cookies 16700
Water “brandless” (144 bottles) 5000
Gloves (71 pairs) 5680
Certificate paper 3675
Water “Tassay” 7230
Zip-bags 5100
Pins 1500
Disposable cups for colors 1000
Subtotal 151885
ATC Flags (2) 17000
Megaphone 9000
Total 177885
Money collected 160000

Thank you notes from organizers. We would like to thank everybody who came and supported ATC Run! We Hope that everybody enjoyed this event as much as we did organizing it.
Special thanks goes to Astana Akimat of Almaty region who provided us with 20 pear trees, shovels, and water machine.
We are thankful to online water “Brandless” for being so flexible and providing very cheap water bottles for the event.
We are thanking American Corner of Astana for giving us chairs and tables! Thanks to Kuanysh and Kanat for bringing them in the morning to the park.
Lots of thanks to our timer-judges Chingiz, Korlan, Almat, Zhanna, Aiymgul! You did a brilliant job!
Thanks to Kanat for some organization advice and Alisher Tazhinov for patiently collecting money from people. It was tough but you did it fantastically!
Thanks to Zhanibek who helped to find a photographer, and thanks to photographer Tamirlan, who took pictures for certificate.
Thanks to Iakov Kozlov for your fair judgement as well as inspiring so many of us to run!
We are grateful to the team of volunteers, Dana, Guldariya, Gulnara and Madina, who were responsible for throwing colors. Their job was to bring brightness and joy to the run, and we think they managed with it by 100%! 14Sincerely, ATC Color Run 2018 Team


КВН- ATC Birthday Party!

23rd of February is a very important day for each member of this wonderful club. Astana Toastmasters club was launched in 2010 by Samat and Assem Panovy. Our gratitude for these people is tremendous. If there weren’t them, there wouldn’t be so many stories told, friendships, marriages and us – speakers and leaders. Every year we throw a unique Birthday Party. As for last year, members of ATC let the people to escape from a reality into the wonder land – Lalaland, where life became so Indian – happy and vibrant, full of romance and dreams. No doubts of talents possessed by the people of the most fabulous community in the world – Toastmasters club!

This year directly from the musical world Lalaland, we travelled to Hahaland! For the first time in the history of ATC, we decided to organize Birthday party in the style of КВН. Doubts were floating in the clouds: whether people would agree to participate? According to the statistics, few people can make jokes. Screw statistics, if there is no risk, there is no thrill.

I appointed myself as a project leader. I had an experience in leading small projects and assisting many large ones. Thus, surprisingly, it was the first time to organize such a special event.

After officers’ benediction, I began to look for comrades to organize a party. Here I made the best choice. I wouldn’t be able to do it myself without these lovely ladies: the most creative person I ever met – Kamila, the most responsible and lovely Aidana, the funniest and easiest person to work with Assiya, and, of course, the most valuable member of our team – Kamila’s daughter – Emy! I was honored to work with them. They are relatively new members of ATC (especially Emy), I felt responsible to get them acquainted closer with the community and its culture.

“In the street named by Kazakh khan Kenesary, in Georgian restaurant “Mamashvili”, American club conducted КВН Birthday party in Russian”.

The day has come. I entered the restaurant and … fell down!!! My thoughts went wild: “OMG! What the hack is that? Is it a precautionary sign? Where is a yoga mat? Why ever don’t I meditate?” I sat and took a deep breath. I felt like I was Bridgett Jones, always finding herself in peculiar situations. “Everything will be fine, don’t believe these stupid superstitions.” – whispered my angels whereas demons took the piss out of me: “Misfortune never comes alone”. What do you think is happened? Unfortunately, I need to list them:

  • Invited local band Rivendell approaches: “we can’t perform! The equipment check is failed.”
  • Administrator shook her head: “ it is the first time when such a malfunction appears”
  • Team members were dramatically late
  • The KVN hadn’t started yet, but the food was half eaten
  • Decoration didn’t want to hang on the wall but instead chilled on the sofa.
  • Couldn’t remember song lines!

I closed my eyes and heard Moby: “Don’t let me make the same mistake again!” At the moment, I wanted to put my head in the sand as an ostrich, but remembered that it is a legend: the ostriches don’t put their heads in the sand! When they are cornered – they kick off with their strong hoofs!”  I am not the ostrich, but I had an alternative hoof: high heels. That’s how I fought with occurred problems:

  • Rivedelle performed a Capella
  • Later Batyrzhan fixed a technical problem
  • Teams soon or later arrived
  • The audience was full and happy
  • Decoration is happily resting on the sofa, allowing to take a photo as you wish
  • You can always sing lalalala


The opening was stunning! Everyone enjoyed a magical Jamilya’s voice and a tender play of guitar! They performed indie rock songs. People were dancing, listening soulful notes, uploading stories in Instagram.


Afterwards, the word was given to our beloved president Kanat, who presented us lovely pins with the encrypted words: I love  Astana Toastmasters Club!


Fanfare! Tantara!

The hosts – Kamila and I – entered the room to begin КВН


When we were assigning captains, we knew that Saule, Almat, Kanat are true leaders who can inspire others to participate in KVN. I know that time is precious, everyone is busy, and however, I believed in success: such events ignite in people creativity, polish team working skills, open in you undiscovered talents, and realize child dreams so on.  There are so many opportunities that wouldn’t be ignored by the true toastmasters.


Teams  “Competent Communicators& Persuasive Competitors” lead by Almat J, “Lalaland” by Saule T., and  “Tosters” by Kanat B. were invited to the stage. My reaction to their performances was WOW! They were funny, artistic, musical, and creative! They were fabulous!

They competed in the following contests:

  1. Introduce your team
  2. STEM
  3. Razminka
  4. Musical

It is impossible to describe in words and write down all the performances. I will highlight the most memorable and bright scenes of each team. The teams showed themselves in different styles, but most of their jokes were related to ATC.



  1. Saltanat
  2. Ainur
  3. Aibatyr
  4. Rustem
  5. Aizhan

This team from the very beginning showed themselves as true comedians. Their self-irony could reach the highest top- Everest. I don’t know how guys persuaded girls to appear according to their bra size, but this sacrifice definitely made the audience cry out their eyes. I guess everyone would agree that the most unique performance, which created a buzz among all of us was a “Cow is dead!” in the 4th competition.

1st  Saltanat who performed a cow’s role was the sexiest and most adorable.

2nd Ainur could win Oscar for the most dramatic role – dairy-woman.

3rd Girls are in the line after Rustem who played Predsedatel’s role

4th The most laid-back policeman – Aibatyr!

I am sure that they still receive comments and messages, asking to send videos and mb even asking for dates




  1. Kanat
  2. Asset
  3. Aigerim A
  4. Gulzada
  5. Serob
  6. Galiya
  7. Alisher

If CCPC were laughing at themselves, Tosters were making fun of others. The officers and other active members of ATC were imitated brilliantly. Especially, I loved the scenes how the officers were presented, especially, VP PR, Treasure and Sergeant at Arms:

1st Ainur jumping off the plane to make photos

2nd Alisher trying to invite VIP people to give a speech in ATC

3rd Sergeant at Arms cleaning the room after the meeting


SO ATC! Just for these genius performances, I would give them GOLD! Through their jokes, we could see the pathway of toastmasters, starting their journey from the icebreaker and reaching finishing line. The hot tosters made a fantastic job to perceive ATC in a funny and entertaining way throughout all competitions!




  1. Saule
  2. Aigerim j.
  3. Yura P.
  4. Nani
  5. Raushan
  6. Bairam


Well, the absolute winners and favorites of all were LaLaLand! They were the most artistic and musical ones. It almost consisted from the last year Lalaland cast. Even the opponents admit that they deserved a victory. Every miniature was well structured, thoughtful and unpredictable. My favorite performances:

1st The grammarian’s inner voice – an arrogant bitch – surprisingly belongs to Bairam, who in the end doesn’t take any notes.

2nd  I was amazed how they managed to correlate middle age times: Khan-warrior conquering Otyrar library was such a blast!

3rd The recent news haven’t got unnoticed which was perfectly mirrored in the style of musical “Chicago”. The toastmasters behind the bars make confession of the murders. But one can’t judge them because if he/she was them, he/ she would have also killed the villain grammarians, evaluators, mentors and unfair contest organizers!


The jury on behalf of Korlan, Aiganym, Baur, Rafael. Aibol Nigmetov  didn’t expect such preparation as well as others. They were very pleased and gave a fair assessment for the performances.



The winners are announced, the main prize – an orange in the box – goes to Lalaland! Excuse me, not an orange – Apple! Oops, I meant the certificate to dine in a fine restaurant Del Papa!

After KVN, there were games and music. Batyrzhan, who is socially active in ATC, performed two songs. In the end, the girl band “Diverso”, consisting from Nani, Aidana, Zhanna and Aigerim demonstrated perfect vocal variety in « fantasia» ( попурри из популярных мелодий).


In the end, there was annual award “ Best of the best”, where active members and officers were cherished for their hard work. And of course, there is no party ending without a group photo!


Thank you to:






Aidana Karabassova











With love,

Zhanna Kussainova


ATC OG 2018 7

Follow-up Winter Olympic Games 2018

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be in your favour!” – that is how VIII ATC Winter Olympic Games started on the glade of Abylai Khan in Burabay National Park on sunny Sunday, February 4th, 2018.

ATC OG 2018 1

By tradition of Hunger Games, the lot played the determining role. In case for ATC members and guests, it helped to define which Tribute would represent Districts and would become one team. After all four districts were full of their tributes, the hosts of the Game: Nani and Kuanysh, gave a command to start the first competition. According to it, every district had to introduce their districts in a unique way.

Four astonishing Districts: Пули, ЧПОК, Wildwolfs and Angels showed March of Triumph brilliantly!

ATC OG 2018 2

The most crucial moment of the Games started where every Tribute had to stay in a circle and waited the command from our hosts to run and to take tools.

For some Districts it was just yellow tennis ball with chopsticks while others were fast to take real bow!

After that one carrot was given to each team, they had to build own snowman using imagination, creativity, talent and tools from the previous round.

ATC OG 2018 3

The main Judge of the Games was Galiya, like a goodness from Olymp, Galiya was strict but honest and impartial: not even a single mistake could pass her eyes, everyone felt her presence.

When the command was given to the next competition, the funniest moment of the Games started. Every Tribute protected Snowman from neighbor districts, some were so brave even to attack! These fighters were as quick as bullets and as strong as iron.

In the Hungry Quest competition four districts had to find sweets by using the map of Arena, the first district was so fast to find sweets while other tributes asked tourist children to help them :))

It is known from “Hungry Games” that every leader of the districts is unique, has some unusual talent, so in the next competition we were glad to see uniqueness of the district leaders: one leader was Real Faraon from Egypt – Mina!

ATC OG 2018 4

The next competition was the longest one, which required the fast running, strength and courage: by using sledges, stubs, it seems to us that every tribute became a child for a while!

The last competition called “Where is the Winners Cup? We were so happy that every district reached the Cup which was hanged high on the tree. First who reached the Cup was our brave girl, soon to be a member Gaukhar, the fastest one was our second guest from Egypt – Rahmi.

ATC OG 2018 5


Winners of Winter Hunger Olympic games were privileged to ride in a horse! The Winners were our future members – Aidana, Bekzhigit and Rustem.

ATC OG 2018 6


Lets find out what other members of organizing team said about the Games.


“What should I say after all?

Well, I say: “Annual ATC Winter Olympic Hunger Games 2018 definitely will be one of the best memories of this year!”

I was amazed and surprised by the dedication of our “tributes”, by their “craziness” in a good way. All of them were so enthusiastic; they were running and fighting with each other, laughing, competing. I wonder what other people in Burabay have been thinking about 14 people running and screaming on the glade of Abylay Khan. They probably thought that we are crazy! But it doesn’t matter!

It seemed to me that we are all on actual “Hunger Games”.  While watching the game and seeing the devotion of tributes I caught myself with the thought that I want to be the participant, the one who fights and runs.

I remember that I worried about the Talent Show, because I didn’t know what they are going to present. But then, I watched their performance and thought how Creative, Funny and they are! They were not just singing or dancing, but they did it in a super interesting way! You gotta see this talent show! It was beyond interesting!  All four Districts have stunned us by their performance so that. We, judges, decided to give the equal credit for their great and wonderful work!

I want to express my gratitude to ATC, because being the member, I have a super privilege to organize such memorable events and also I thank our team! We had challenging moments, but we found a solution and just did it!

I would like to thank Saltanat, because She is the person who was our leader and encouraged all of us to participate. It was my first experience of organizing such events and it was not easy at all as I thought it was at the beginning.

In spite of that, I gained unbelievable experience and a whole range of In spite of that, I gained unbelievable experience and a whole range of indescribable impressions!”


“I don’t have huge experience in organizing such events, but after VIII Annual Winter Olympic Hunger Games of ATC I got an experience, the eddy of emotion, inexpressible kaif from completed work.  I was so surprised of an eagerness and desire of every single tribute to win. And it was not just a desire, it was sparks from the twenty eight eyes.

Tributes regret neither themselves no own clothes. The memorable for me were the followings: March of Triumph of the First district and their moto, fight for spade, super creative performances of the districts, tiny Aiganym – who caught the huge peace of snow to build a snowman, smoker-snowman pirate of the second district, Zhanna – who was so brave to protect the head of snowman in the fourth competition, unbelievable speed of the districts on the sledge and Olympic persistence of Gaukhar – who was the first and only girl who reached the Cup. All teams showed unity and coordination. It was a definite fight!”


“If come to the conclusion: Damn, seriously, that was cool, guys! It’s a huge effin’ deal working with the big team! Although I already had experience in such organizing events, but I liked this team the most. From the first days, we took it seriously. In particular, I liked the enthusiasm of Saltanat, because in advance for a month we already clearly planned everything and already in the second week we had ideas from the head that we wanted to make it real. I want to note, most importantly, that we even went to Burabay in advance, in order to be as confident as possible. After all, for us it was important how everything goes, and for this we dedicated our whole Sunday
And I want to write that it was worth it. Our expectations have surpassed all expectations.
It was a real hunger game.
The funniest moment was when everyone started to fight for a shovel, as Elnur worried about for his professional bow, which they simply threw the floor, after which he walked on heels behind this bow
 Another cool thing is that, the contests that we came up with, had to be reduced at the end because we squeezed out all the juices
I had to evaluate each contest, and I tried to evaluate everything as honestly as possible, and there were times when all the teams performed perfectly, and it was difficult to choose the best team! But my super team supported me. In particular, it was difficult to evaluate the talent contest and the snowman contest. In the end I want to thank you, the organizing team, you are the best, and these were the most memorable winter Olympic games!
Eh active weekend, what else could be better?”

ATC OG 2018 7

Thanks to my intuition I offered to the right people to join me and help to conduct Annual Winter Olympic Games 😂

I want to say BIG thanks to Nani for her brilliant ideas, for her enthusiasm which she had devoted her study time to Games.

My BIG thanks to Kuanysh who offered us to visit Burabay one week before the Games and arrange planning.

My BIG thanks to Galiya who provided us a camera, ideas and support.

My BIG thanks to Elnur who has helped us to find right tools for competitions and who was our bodyguard.

My Biggest Thanks to ALL fourteen participants, our bravest guests who gave us a lot of joy, smile and energy for the whole upcoming work week!



Saltanat Tangbayeva

Your Sergeant-at-Arms


Follow – up “1001 nights” New Year Party 24 December 2017

Dear Friends,

As it is known New year is considered as a Family holiday and we are happy that you celebrated this wonderful and miracle holiday with us, as Astana Toastmasters Club is a family for all of us!

Celebrating the holiday and enjoying the party with friends are always interesting and exciting, but in fact more memorable is the process of preparation to the party. Now we want to share with you some interesting moments from behind the curtains!

Let’s give a great applause to the people who kindly supported us with organization. Personally, big thanks to Embassador of Islamic Republic Iraq Mr. Younis Sarhan, who provided us with the main decoration items in Arabic style that gave us the feelings as if we were in Eastern fairytale.

Organization of any events required planning. Almost three weeks before the date of ATC New Year was a first meeting of organizing team.
One of main goal of this meeting is a concept of event. Following functions:
1) Content
2) Entourage
3) Food&Beverage
4) Venue/Setup
5) Finance
6) Logistics

Challenge for organization team is communication. Because timing in workdays are limited but cooperation and coordination went well and it helped to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.
Arabic thematic “1001 nights “provides various ideas how to make this event successfully. Based on diversity of the theme our event was in colorful tones, Arabic music or music about “1000 and one nights”, delicious food and charisma from Serob and Baurzhan.

Content of event consisted of the following colourful and entertaining concurses:

1) Poem battle aka Omar Hayam style
2) Team work. Example“ What if Aladdin date Shahrazad”/ team shoud make a play of it
3) Sultan’s dance by wonderful Anar and Aigerim
4) Who wants to be a 1001 tenge winner. Reference to Who wants to be a millionaire hosted by Alisher (literary I was on phone with him late night to prepare this one)
5) Lip sync battle
Each winner received a memorable and eastern style gifts

Traditionally some guests were late but we started barely in time. Around 30 people were hyped and enjoyed whole process. Selfie room was popular am26229312_1498170493569545_2689223929802813517_nong girls, so all the pictures of this event you can find on ATC Facebook page

Thanks for contribution to:

Kanat, Serob, Raushan, Aigerim, Aida (photo), Galiya, Nani, Kuanysh,Anar,Aigerim K, Alisher.

*Aigerim Akiltayeva (our secretary) took the charge of our menu, delivering so much incredible dishes and wonderful cake
* Galiya and Kuanysh (our soon-to-be members) for decoration and active participation.
* Raushan (our active VP PR) and Ainur (our soon to be VP PR) make sure that our event will have atmosphere of eastern fairy tail and that a lot of people be aware of the event.
* Baur and Serob – two handsome sheikhs and close friends of our President Kanat who could not deny his request and led this wonderful event in a creative way.
* Alisher for an incredible quiz “Who wants to win 1001 tenge?”
* Aigerim Kosheken and Anara Issayeva – beautiful ladies for unforgettable performance.
* And all of our new year will be a hole in the pocket without our treasurer Nani, who was on fire with collecting all money for the event.
* Kanat (our current President) for managing all the process!


Baur, Kanat, Ainur and Raushan.





ATC RUN. Edition 2. Follow up.

ATC RUN is early held sport event. It is organized to unite toastmasters and new members, develop leadership skills and create healthy and supportive atmosphere in our club.

The organizing committee consisted of 5 people: Anel, Gulmira, Kanat, Asset and Aigerim.

In comparison with last year, we provided link for registration, so we would distribute numbers in advance and allocate budget for prizes. In advance, we bought gifts for winners. Moreover, thanks to Anel’s sister Dilara for creating beautiful hand-made medals! Every team member was responsible for a specific task. For instance, Anel was responsible for buying gifts, printing out medals and organizing the event. Gulmira prepared nice coffee break, brought the equipment and timed the distances. Kanat and Asset were responsible for timing the distances. Asset made an entertaining promotional video. Aigerim measured the distances, received an approval from Akimat of Astana to organize such event, bought the gifts and led the project.


Even though 30 people had registered for the event, 17 people participated. The weather on that day was quite amazing: sunny and warm. The atmosphere was very positive; especially we had among our attendees our fellow toastmasters from Samruk-Kazyna Toastmasters club.

The ATC RUN started from nice warm-up by volunteers’ organizations “Best for Kids”.  We are thanking “Best for Kids” for their support. All money donations will be given to “Best for Kids” organization. We are planning to organize one more event to support one of the kids’ orphanages.


There were three races 2.5, 5 and 10 km, so every person could run at their own pace. The run was followed by a cozy coffee break including hot berry tea, biscuits and dates.
In addition, million thanks to Assiya she agreed to show Zumba moves to our participants, while they were waiting for the results. The results are the following:

2,5 km
Men Women
Сабыржанов Алишер 00:16:25 Уссенова Аина 00:12:16
Кустубаева Лаура 00:18:53.000
5 km
Men Women
Каржавин Александр 515 00:21:46 Мукатова Ботагоз 502 00:27:41
Чирик Николай 520 00:22:13 Жадыра Утебалиева 512 00:31:24
Тангабаева Салтанат 501 00:31:30
Бабаева Асия 503 00:31:47
10 км
Men Women
Сейтахметов Нурлан 111 00:51:18 Аскерова Жаныл 102 00:57:41
Жексебайулы Руслан 103 00:51:39 Гуламова Гульчехра 117 01:03:17
Жусупов Султан 110 00:51:47
Колесаиков Алексей 120 00:52:53
Нуралин Адил 107 00:57:05


If you are thinking to organize any events, do it! You will gain valuable experience and new skills. It may be challenging task, but in the end, it all pays off, once you see heart-warming smiles of people around you! Say yes to every opportunity next to you! You might end up in a happy place! =)


Отчет бюджета

Организаторские расходы Взнос от участников
Подарки победителям (2 бутылки) 3300 Участники 17
Подарки победителям (скакалки, повязки на голову, повязки на руки, спортивные сумки) 8000 Благотворительный взнос 2000
Спортивные батончики 1520 Сумма 34000 тенге
Ленты 2250
Стаканы 600
Тарелки 300
Салфетки 200
Кофе брейк (печенье 4 вида, финики 4 пачки, вода) 3505
Картон для медалей 450
Сумма 20125 тенге
Деньги на благотворительность

(взнос от участников   орг. расходы)

13875 тенге






If you ever want to make an event for children, you have to know two main rules: first, prepare thoroughly; second, know that everything will not go as planned!


In our case these rules worked like clockwork so that even the wicked witches while hiding from the kids would repeat: OH MY GOD!


In my childhood the words “witches/demons/wizards” would usually ignite so much fear and excitement, but not now. The kids of SOS children’s village look at the world of fairytales with open eyes: they are not afraid of the green-faced scary villains. Instead, they would circle me, Zhanna and Raushan  (the wicked witches of OZ country) every time we would approach them.


“I am holding her broom, you, guys, attack her from behind!” The kids were shouting when they saw my green-faced dark figure. The wicked witch had to run. Should we say that WE were a little bit startled from the very beginning?


PLAN B: SOS from the children’s village!

However, I skipped ahead. That morning was wonderful: neither hot nor cold. We came to the place in advance to prepare ourselves for the “Oz quest-game”: we were dressing up, making the costumes, repeating the words and doing make-up laughing at the reflection in the mirror. Everything went according to the plan…


“The kids are already waiting for you!”- A village’s worker asked us to begin the game and we moved into positions: Ellie (Anar Issayeva) and her dog Toto (my little brother Azamat) went right to the children and started the quest while a Tin man (Kanat Bazaraly), the witches, winged monkeys, the Cowardly lion (Yura Prokopenko) and Scarecrow (Aset Abuov) were hiding in the playground waiting for their turn to perform.


However, five minutes later we were already confused by the noise and shouts that came bursting out of the meadow where children were playing the game.

“Why he, not me?” “I don’t like this name!” “Oh, no, don’t touch this!” “Put it on its place, please!” Anara’s (Ellie) tender voice now was working on the maximum volume. “Fortunately, I am not playing Ellie”- Aigerim Kosheken whispered right behind me.  Now we were enjoying being just a witch and a winged monkey, whose mission was to scare and startle the kids.


“Don’t dwell on the script and the roles! What we need now is to control the situation” – Yura “the Cowardly Lion” was already unfolding a new tactics as if it was not the playground, but the real battle field and we were the guerrillas with the war paint on the faces. Plan “A” – the good children doing everything right as we want it – had already been undermined. It was the wicked witches and the inhabitants of “the magical forest” who now were getting nervous and a little bit scared!


“Repeat your number one after another like in the army!”- The Cowardly Lion was getting less cowardly. Sure, there were no such words in the script. We no longer stuck to it. Even if we wanted, we couldn’t: Raushan (the wicked witch) told me later that children had been asking her to be kind and good despite she was the witch as well as they began to listen to me once I said: “I want to be kind-hearted, how can I gain this trait?”  Children answered with no doubts: “Goodwin will help you!”


Did the author put any meaning into the name of the main wizard of OZ? My answer is “yes”. “Goodwin” (Aset Omirzhanov) is telling us that good always wins. This plot development is quite typical for all fairytales. But now I think we all perceive it much deeper than we did before.


What an orphan child can dream about? Family in which everybody would be kind and heedful to each other. Probably that’s why they feel any kindness and sincerity so keenly. Probably that’s why they were quite uncontrollable and even aggressive with the witches – the embodiment of evil and bad luck, constantly repeating “we are not afraid!” Zhanna (the main witch, Bastinda) might long remember the way children were trying to chase her;)


We’d been told before the event that children here are hyperactive and it’s difficult to manage them. There might be the reasons: as any children they need attention, but here they have to fight for it. Therefore it was a challenge for most of the kids to play in the team as each of them would try to grab our attention sometimes shouting and disobeying us. Thank you guys, Yura (Cowardly Lion), Kanat (Tin man), Aset Abuov (Scarecrow) and Aset Omirzhanov (Goodwin), for patience, attentiveness and making children trust you! Aset O. even found a little helper among the kids and named him – Goodwin Jr.!


They say that children are the most outspoken humans; they haven’t learnt to be mean yet. The kids of SOS children’s village taught us how to befriend, trust, love and be attentive towards people. The story of Kanat, when a little girl, whom he hadn’t has a chance to chat with, presented him a chocolate, brings a salty tear to the eye; or the Albina’s moment, when a kid gave her the flowers, is so adorable and touching.

21Probably, most of the guys would tell you that the expectations didn’t meet the reality because the reality was a way different than we could have imagined. Personally I expected the obedient kids listening to every word of mine and doing everything I tell them according to the plan and the script. But it turned out to be exactly the other way round, in other words, it was better than I could ever think! The feeling that you managed to present a holiday for children which as they told us would be remembered for long days is incredible and inspiring. I am writing these lines three days  after the event but still feeling the excitement and even missing the kids, the place and the emotions I’ve got.



 By the end of the fairytale Ellie, her dog Toto, a Tin man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion ultimately reach the main wizard of OZ. They all think that Goodwin will bestow on them courage, mercy and mind.  The wizard gives a Tin man a heart made of pieces of cloth, the Cowardly lion is gifted by the water of courage and Scarecrow gets a bag full of needles that represents a sharp mind. Yet all these gifts didn’t have any power. Goodwin wasn’t a magician, but he made the characters believe that they were smart, brave and merciful ones.

As Goodwin none of us has the magical power, but still we can make a change. It might seem to be just a game or just a holiday, but do we know what it means for the children whose world unlike the adults’ still full of miracle and expectations…
























ATC Bowling Tournament Follow-up!


Dear Friends!

I hope you still remember the special event held on April 8thATC Bowling Tournament. Personally I love playing bowling and especially the moments of strikes and spares! This game has always given me the opportunity to spend time with my friends and have an active rest, sometimes bowling is just like meditation for me.  For the purpose of socializing and active rest I’ve decided to organize the Bowling tournament and invited ATC members and non-members on Facebook page and Instagram. It turned out that there were many people who shared love for bowling with me. 24 people came to the tournament, among them there were 11 non-members.

I had a lot of ideas how to make this event entertaining and exciting, but I could not put them altogether on one scenario. I asked the help and my friend from our club – Saule Temirbayeva agreed to help me. Her help was priceless; she was involved in the process from the first minute. We made a program starting from the breakdown of players by 3 teams for each lane using the bowling pins of different colors, plus Saule prepared the legend of Bowling and induction ceremony! Unfortunately we could not do that as planned, as there was very loud music and some people came late. So we decided to skip this and started off with the first competition named “Challenging throws”. There the participants lined up and one after another starting with the first player from each team rolled the ball with definite tasks. For example, first players of each team threw the ball with left hands, the second ones – sitting on the floor; the thirds turned back to the lanes and rolled the balls through their legs. After some efforts, we asked our players to think up the most breathtaking and ingenious throw. All the participants were involved and they offered different kinds of throws, some people started to dance passing the ball to each other, someone threw the ball blindfolded, and one beautiful lady even did the splits after her throw!

After such an exciting and challenging part of our competition we had dinner together, while having a meal we were playing the game named “Charades”, in addition to this all the participants voted overwhelmingly in favour of Aigerim Kosheken who won the award “Breathtaking throw”!

We came back to the competition and before starting the second part named “Turn of professionals”, I conducted a bowling workshop for 10-15 minutes where I showed some compulsive techniques with the help of which you could play bowling better and take pleasure in the game. Based on my observations it was very useful for our players. Most of them began to do the strikes after strikes and caught the flow of the game. And here we announced the nominations of “Super lady striker” and “Super male striker”. Our winners were Bairam Orazov and our guest Zhamilya Nurgazy.

At the end of the evening we awarded our winners and the first place award went to the team “La La land”. The second place – “Double strikers” and the team “Courage Bombay” took the third place. Our congratulations to all the winners!

My personal and huge thanks to Saule for your help, ideas and enthusiasm. Aigerim Kussainova, thanks for photo shooting.

Thank you for coming and sharing this event with us, dear friends! I enjoyed it a lot.


Raushan Satibaldiyeva

VP Membership



Behind the Curtain: White Party / New Year Party with Sogdiana and Yuriy

Assiya: It was a White party dedicated to the New Year-2017! Our leading hosts Sogdiana and Yuriy, could you share your impression or funny stories related to the party?



Sogdiana: The idea to make this party “white” was of Korlan’s, our president, who thought that it would look terrific! And it was! Just imagine people wearing white dresses and shirts! It was like in a fairy tale with a Happy End. Yura and I wanted to write a funny and romantic scenario to make the evening that set the mood for our members and guests for the future holidays.

Yuriy: Sogdiana and I doubted that it would be quiet fun, some contests could make our guess bored. I can’t judge but it seems we have a good time.

Sogdiana: Of course, the fun would be impossible without people who made it happen!

We had a great team, who sacrificed their own time for the party! Yerlan was the one who was responsible for our budget. And we earned 250.000 KZT from 34 people. Sometimes, we are trying to save money for others meetings or gifts, but White party required full commitment from us. Money was spent for beautiful decoration, gifts, food and a “yummy” cake with lettering “White party”! It was a painstaking work of everyone. Sometimes, I didn’t have time to control everything, but on my request – everyone helped, when it was necessary. I was so proud of the power that we had, of emotions and feelings that we could put to the Day!

Yuriy: I didn’t know how it would be going because we had an empty room without tables, decorations: nothing was ready at 4 p.m. When Sogdiana and I entered the room we didn’t feel exuberance and realized “We have much stuff to do”.


Sogdiana: Assiya, Anara, Raushan, Yura and I, came very early, to make sure, that the place would be prepared on time, tables were in a right place and lights could be turned off, when we needed for scenes. It was a bit unfair, but a lot of boy’s work, girls did by themselves. We didn’t ask for help, but we thought they might know, that we needed them. Anyway, we could solve it. And we had Yura, who helped with heavy stuff.

Yuriy: Actually, our glorious girls created a holiday table and decorated the room by 6.30 p.m. Everything was ready except the music. It was quite clear – the equipment was in bad condition, the sound was awful with lots of buzzing overtones, microphones were out of repair and Saulet was forced to spend a lot of time to repair but any attempt ended in the flop. Again a miracle….the equipment suddenly started to give us the music without buzzing, both microphones made us possible not to damage our vocal cords.

Sogdiana: It was really going to disrupt our party but everything worked out. I am thankful to all officers, newcomers and delivery agents. Everything was on time and with festive moods. Aisha brought fabulous posters of White party and logo of Astana Toastmasters Club. Yerlan and his wife Aigerim brought and served food on tables. Saulet tuned equipment and sound. Damira and Yerzhan were our Ded Moroz and Snegurochka with funny competitions and poems. Aidana and Zhanara took pictures. Girls made a dance of snowflakes. Aigerim Kosheken sang a song. Everyone was involved in process that is why it was a team-success!

Yuriy: Thank you very much who organized it! Sogdiana encouraged me to take part, wrote the scenario and I got real delight to meet and write it with her. The ATC white party was our miracle.

Sogdiana: Happy New Year!!!

Yuriy: Happy New Year!!!



Toastmasters’ Speech Contest Follow-up Note from Korlan Bektassova

26th of November 2016 became an important milestone in the history of Astana Toastmasters Club and the whole Toastmasters’ community in Kazakhstan.

That Saturday afternoon 6 speakers representing 6 different Toastmasters Clubs, officially chartered in Kazakhstan, gathered together in a cozy hall of Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, to compete in the art of public speaking.

Though the idea of having such a contest was in my mind for a long time and it was one of my promises during the presidential campaign, the actual preparation for the event started in the last decade of August. It was the first time when I addressed all the Toastmasters Clubs I know in Kazakhstan: NCOC Toastmasters, Atyrau Open Toastmasters clubs in Atyrau, NU Toastmasters and Samruk Kazyna Toastmasters clubs in Astana and Almaty Toastmasters Club in Almaty. All the clubs immediately supported the idea, and showed willingness to participate. I expected nothing less from a community of true leaders. First step was done.

From that very moment, a busy season began. We had many tasks to fulfill: finding the venue with a good location, finding judges, recruiting volunteers to help with organizational matters, promoting the Contest to attract visitors, preparing certificates, and gifts for winners and participants and many other little details that seemed to be unimportant but actually meant a lot.

The most challenging part was finding a perfect venue. Location was important.   

There are many venues in Astana with necessary equipment and capacity, and Hilton Garden Inn was indeed a perfect location for the Speech Contest. However there was one main restraint: being a non-profit organization, we do not have financial resources to be able to “buy” any venue we want. Thus, we needed a venue for free. That doubled the challenge and this challenge was accepted by the Sergeant-at-arms Kanat Bazaraly. He successfully tackled the problem by applying his leadership skills and persuading Mr. Michael Adams, the director of PwC Kazakhstan, that there were benefits in sponsoring the Speech Contest. Perhaps one would say that it was an easy task, since Mr. Adams was supportive with the ideas and values of ATC, and once again, I’d like to thank him and PwC Kazakhstan management for believing in good causes of such an event and agreeing to sponsor it.


The next thing to do was to recruit judges.

The task was complicated by three factors: 1) we needed someone who is familiar with public speaking principles, 2) we needed someone who speaks and understands English at the highest possible level and 3) we needed unbiased parties, unrelated to any of the competing clubs.

The problem was solved when Aliya Sariyeva, the only Distinguished Toastmaster in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, called me and said that she wanted to lead the event and be the toastmaster of the Speech Contest. I could not have imagined a better candidate for this task.

She was also the one who recommended Miss Mary Francis and Miss Jane Knight from Haileybury School in Astana as judges. The third judge was Trevor Hogan from PwC Kazakhstan. I’d like to thank these lovely people for agreeing to take such a responsibility and sparing their time and efforts.


The other thing which was still on the table was Gifts for the participants.

At first we thought we’d have a participation fee for the contestants, however later on we waivered this prerequisite as it is not a common practice in Toastmasters. However we still needed funding. That is when a little fundraising campaign started within the club. With the help of members of ATC, we managed to raise enough money to buy books for gifts for each contestant. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the fundraising, and my special thanks is to Banu Ibragim, a member of ATC, who recently moved to another city and could not be present at the Contest, she was the one who contributed the largest amount. That’s what we call true devotion to the club.  

Speech Contest was a great opportunity to raise awareness about Toastmasters. A press release about the event was sent to media and published on social network. Thanks to the efforts of PR team from ATC and PwC, we were able to attract an audience of nearly 100 people and even had some TV journalists.  

Conducting a Contest of such a scale by gathering Toastmasters together was the key goal I announced during my presidential campaign and now I can say that the mission is successfully accomplished. Thanks to teamwork and dedication, the event turned out to be a tremendous one.

For me it was never about winning but I’m happy that Aigerim Kosheken who stepped up to represent Astana Toastmasters Club reached the hearts of the audience and the jury by winning the 2nd place and Audience choice award. Thank you, Aigerim!


Look at these courageous women and men who stepped up to represent their clubs, without them it would not have happened.

The results of the Speech Contest turned out to be as follows:

1st place Sayagul Berdenova from NCOC Toastmasters Club

2nd place Aigerim Kosheken from Astana Toastmasters Club

3rd place Yernur Satybaldiyev from Almaty Toastmasters Club

Audience choice award was split between Aigerim Kosheken and Yernur Satybaldiyev, who got equal number of votes.

Videos  of their speeches are here.

Photos are here

In the end I’d like to thank officers’ team for supporting the idea and making the it happen, each member (ex, current or future) who contributed their time and money, great photographers Matthew Charnetski and Makhmud Baikhodzhayev, Saule Temirbayeva, who prepared the ballot box and voting sheets and Aikorkem Nurzhanova who promoted the event by all means possible.   

More great events to come!

Sincerely yours,

Korlan Bektassova


Halloween 2016 Follow up note from Aibek

Dear Toastmasters and guests!
On October 30th Astana toastmasters club held its annual Halloween party.
Before beginning all the fun the participants introduced their characters using vocal variety and body language. We had Caesar and Cleopatra, The Broken Doll, Office Plankton, Zombie, Comics Girl, The Buffon, Desperate Housewife and a Vampire.
Then we had a small warm-p session and held a trivia “We know you, Halloween” where participants answered tricky questions about the origin and history of Halloween. Later the rival teams tried to cut a Jack o’Lantern Jack in pumpkin-carving activity.
We even watched some abstracts from horror movies and tried to guess which movie it was, The Office Plankton (aka Damir) and Vampire (aka Akbota) were the only ones who watched horror movies because they won in “Guess the name of horror movie” activity.
There was also some acting involved when the participants have demonstrated their artistic talent and skills in the activity where they had to play a scene from the horror movie. The participants did their best, especially the Comics Girl (aka Aikorkem) who played in scene from the Alien.
“The best thematic costume” (since it’s Halloween) was won by Akbota (vampire) and Raushan (the broken doll).
The Halloween party was decorated with cobweb pizza, pepper skulls with spaghetti brains, egg spiders and sausage mummies.
At the end of the event we played games like “The voice in the dark” and “Zombie”.     
I hope you had a wonderful time and those who did not have a chance to be with us see the  Photos on Facebook.
Leader of the project
Aibek Bekenov

Дорогие члены и гости клуба!
30 октября АТС провел мероприятие, посвященное Хэллоуину, празднику святых.
Прежде чем начать веселье, все участники представили своих героев с помощью голоса и мимики. К нам в гости заглянули сам Юлий Цезарь с Клеопатрой, Сломанная кукла, Шут, Зомби, Офисный Планктон, Отчаянная домохозяйка, Девушка из комиксов и Вампир.
Сначала для разогрева была проведена викторина «Хэллоуин, мы тебя знаем», затем участники состязались в вырезании фонаря Джека из тыквы.
Затем мы смотрели отрывки из фильмов ужасов с викториной «Угадай название фильма ужасов». Офисный Планктон (в миру Дамир) и Вамир (в миру Акбота) угадали по одному фильму.
В конкурсе «Изобрази отрывок из фильма ужасов» участники продемонстрировали свои актерские таланты, особенно Девушка из Комиксов (в миру Айкоркем) изобразившая сцену из фильма Чужой.
В конкурсе «Лучший тематический костюм» призовые места заняли Акбота (костюм вампира) и Раушан (костюм «сломанная кукла»).
Праздник украсили пиццы из паутины, череп с мозгами из спагетти в перце, пауки из оливок с яйцами и мумии из сосисок в тесте.
Мероприятие завершилось играми  «Голос в темноте» и «Зомби».
Спасибо, что были с нами. Надеюсь вам понравилось.
Лидер проекта,
Айбек Бекенов