The USA Country day followup from Alisher Tazhinov



Dear Friends,

On December 21st we had a special meeting dedicated to the USA. Our guest was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States to Kazakhstan Mr. George A. Krol. Unlike other ambassadors, who usually tell us about their countries and diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan, Mr. Krol gave us valuable insights on how to present yourself, how to gave motivational speech. Mr. Ambassador also shared history of his diplomatic path, while serving as an Ambassador to Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.


We were surprised about Mr. Krol’s deep knowledge of “Kokpar” – Kazakh famous game. He even noticed, that cowboys from Wyoming were specifically coming to Kazakhstan to learn playing “Kokpar”. Later Ambassador’s speech was followed by Q&A session, which lasted more than 10 minutes.
At that day we had two more wonderful speakers:
Korlan Bektasova aka Deputy Mayor of Astana with her “Smog in the city” speech from “Communicating on video” manual.
Yerlan Meirbek with his speech about famous Russian scientist D.I.Mendeleyev.
Table topic session was lead by incredible Aidana Kenesbayeva, who prepared 7 questions about the US. Each participant of Table topic session was awarded by a pin, that marks 25th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and the US.
 Korlan Bektasova won “Best prepared speaker” award. Yerik won “Best table topic speaker” and Raushan Satibaldiyeva was the best evaluator. Each winner was awarded with a T-shirt.
Special thanks to the secretary of our club Aigerim Akiltayeva for the organisation of the meeting and the US Embassy for providing the T-shirts and pins for participants.

P.s. The video of the speech of Mr. Ambassador you can find on Youtube channel

The photos from the meeting are posted on our Facebook page
Alisher Tazhinov.

Success story: President Kanat Bazaraly (ACS, ALB)

Here is an interview with president of ATC, Kanat Bazaraly (ACS, ALB).

Hello, toastmaster, please, tell me the story how you decided to join Astana Toastmasters Club? Do you remember your first impression of the meeting?

The first time I came to the meeting was on September 2013, when I was mastering my English communication skills. Before joining ATC I was in American Corner discussion club few times. It was an American corner who first told me about ATC. I do remember my first impression: from the moment, I heard prepared speakers; I understand that this place is awesome for mastering presentation skills. That stack in my mind at that time as I believed (and it is still true) that the day will come when I present my product. And I do remember that I caught myself in a thought that one day I will speak better than Art Sergazinov, who has an outstanding English speaking skills (Art, accept the challenge).

2 As an advanced speaker, which project you are currently doing?

Right now I am about to start a journey toward Advanced Speaker Gold award, however I did not choice any manual yet. Sometimes I do feel that I need a break from the speeches to gather my thoughts and understand the direction where I want to be improved. From the beginning, I knew that I will complete CC, because manuals I was interested so much were advanced, however it took me the whole year with redoing 3 projects in CC manual. At the same time, I completed CL manual, which also helped me to become a better speaker.

3 As an experienced member can you give some advice for freshmen?

My advice for the freshmen will be don’t give up. In my case, achieving any of leadership or competent awards was not my utmost goal, yet it was a substitute for making myself a better speaker. I didn’t afraid of the audience, yet I was afraid (and sometimes still) of unprepared or weekly prepared speeches. That difficulty can be overcome only by “practice, practice, practice…”

4. What ATC gave to you for development?

The ATC introduced me to new friends, with similar attitude toward the life and world. Apart from that, it helped me (and still helping) to understand better the leadership phenomena. As an engineer and software developer, I have never believed I use my skills in my job, yet 2 times, I presented my projects, leading me to promotion). So the 2 crucial points I learned from toastmasters: public speaking skills can be useful any time and your voice can be heard and shared.



Success story: Damira Kulahmetova (CC, ALB)

Hello, Damira, please, tell me the story when and why you decided to join Astana Toastmasters Club? 
I decided to join ATC because back in 2015 I wanted to become a part of a community in Astana of interesting people where I can grow and learn. My first impression back in 2013 wasn’t that great because to be honest it’s easy to judge the level of speakers while you are the audience, but when I tried to speak there I got why it was so challenging for some speakers to present.
2. As an advanced speaker, which project you are currently doing? How long it took to complete CC manual?
I’m doing my second advanced manual called Humorously Speaking Manual. Competing CC manual took me less than a year I think, don’t really remember.
3. What’s your favorite speech from CC Manual?
My favorite speech was my last project when I did a commencement speech to inspire the audience.
4. As an experienced member can you give some advice to freshmen? 
My biggest challenge apart from fear of speaking in public was to meet the time limit for my speeches. I wanted to tell a lot about the subject that I cared about. If you have the same struggles, try to look at your speech from the audience’s perspective as if they knew nothing about your subject and select those stories and examples that would be the most relevant and memorable.
5. What ATC gave to you for development?
When you do the speeches here in ATC the things that you learned don’t get noticed because well everybody here seems to know what the vocal variety is and the importance of personal stories in speeches. But what I realized when I took Business Communication class in MBA program that few people know this. I feel that even this ability to look at the speech from different dimensions, from you verbal and nonverbal communication tools, is beneficial.


Country day Follow-up December 2, 2017 by Raushan Satibaldiyeva

Dear Toastmasters,

On December 2nd we had a special meeting dedicated to one of the most wonderful european countries – Hungary. Our honored guest – Dr. Andras Baranyi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary pf Hungary to Kazakhstan gave a speech about his country, his diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan, bilateral relationships between Kazakhstan and Hungary, and some facts that prove the historical ties of the countries. Did you know that Peoples of Kazakhstan and Hungary have common historical roots. Nowadays, about 100 thousands of descendants of kypshak (a Kazakh tribe) origin who migrated from the territory of modern Kazakhstan about 750 years ago reside in Hungary. Mr. Ambassador also mentioned the existence of the largest low-cost airline from Astana to Budapest named Wizzair. His speech was followed by Q&A session where the audience asked their questions to our honored guest.

We had 3 more speakers who delivered their speeches in Prepared speeches session. Almat Juvashev presented us his Project #3 from CC manual titled “Error is a human: prescription of medicine in outpatient settings”.

The third speaker was Aigerim Akiltayeva, who introduced her future HPL project, the title of her speech –  “Sharing my vision”.

Nurmukhambet Tashkenbayev told us about his trip to New York and shared some interesting stories under the title “New York – rubber city”. His project was #4 from CC manual.

After the prepared speeches session the audience voted for the best speaker and most votes went to Almat Juvashev who won Best Prepared speaker award.


Table topic session was led by Alisher Tazhinov who prepared 9 questions on Hungary, however most questions were for knowledge of some details and facts about country. We were very glad to know that most audience were aware of the country, its history, culture and traditions. Raushan Satibaldiyeva asnwered the last questions about the developing the relationships between Kazakhstan and Hungary, shared some tips and became the Best Table topic speaker.


Saule Temirbayeva, our VP Education led Evaluation session where her team members: Grammarian Gulbanu Dyyssupova, Ah counter Asset Omirzhanov and Timer Zulfiya Hazhina were doing a good job during the whole meeting and provided their own reports at the end of the meeting. Speech evaluators team consisted of three advanced and experienced evaluators: Korlan Bektassova, Saule Temirbayeva and Kanat Bazaraly. The audience chose Korlan Bektassova as the Best evaluator of the meeting.

We had a lot of newcomers and guests who were very interested in the country and our club, who were very active during Table topic session and hopefully join our club as a member.

The meeting was marvelous  and entertaining because of the speeches, new information, feedbacks and friendly and nice atmosphere at the meeting thanks to our Guest speaker, speakers, role takers and guests.

Many thanks to Alisher Tazhinov who invited Mr. Ambassador and Aigerim Akiltayeva who was a Toastmaster of the meeting.

P.s. The video of the speech of Mr. Ambassador we can find on Youtube channel:

And the photos from the meeting are posted on ATC Facebook page


Raushan Satibaldiyeva

Your VP PR









Success story: How ATC obtained my heart:) by Raushan Satibaldiyeva (CC, ALB)

Why I joined ATC

I started my ATC journey in October 2016 however I heard about the club long before that moment: first from my friend who just said about the existence of such club where you are able to improve your public speaking skills. Then I met a former president of the club Korlan Bektassova in Pecha Kucha Night and some months later we were having Spanish classes together and she told me about the club, its meetings, schedule and I could not attend it because of lack of time. Finally I met the fellow toastmaster Aigerim Akiltayeva who spent almost an hour in describing the club in detail and with so much love and appreciation that I felt the need to get acquainted with the club and came to my first meeting. ATC was insistent and finally obtained my heart. At my first meeting I did not lose the chance and signed up for delivering an Ice breaking speech, and the following meeting – I took a role of Grammarian. From that moment our “love story” began immediately. Taking this opportunity, I’d like to thank these ladies for giving me a chance to know the club and gain the benefits it can give everyone.

My current project in the club.

I completed CC manual and did all 10 projects from CL manual in May 2017, it took almost 8 months to earn both awards. In December 2016 I became club’s VP Membership and had worked in this position for 6 months, gave 2 speeches from Successful club series and recently I’ve got ALB (Advanced Leadership Bronze) award. In communication track I am about to start Advanced Communication Series manuals, namely Public Relations manual and Storytelling. I’ve chosen the first one as in June I decided to be elected for the officer’s position VP Public relations and now I am serving as a VP PR of the club. I believe this manual will be helpful in knowing how to be an effective VP PR and contribute the club in this way. The latter was chosen as I wanted to improve the skills needed for storytelling in English; these skills will never be redundant, right?

 My favorite speech from CC Manual.

The most valuable and memorable speech of mine was the project #6 – named “4 women M”, I delivered it on March 9th on the occasion of Women’s day. The idea came to me when I saw the topic of the meeting. At first I prepared the speech about the women who played the significant roles in my life: my mother, my grandmother, sisters, my best girlfriend and my first teacher at school. Then I changed the idea and made my mind to play the roles of very wise, famous and super-women in the world history such as Margaret Thatcher, Marilyn Monroe, Mother Teresa and the most important person in my life – My mother. During the speech I changed my voice, body language and even clothes adjusting them for each character. In conclusion I told about my mom and what qualities in my mom could be similar to other ladies: she is rational and demanding just as Margaret Thatcher, she has the kindness and grace of Mother Teresa, but I’ve never seen in my beloved mother the affected manners of Marilyn Monroe. I think this speech became my favorite one because I could express my feelings, appreciation and love to all women in the world in face of 4 wonderful women.

How I prepare for the speeches?

With CC Manual I tried to give 2 speeches per month, however it did not always work well because of lack of time. I often heard that most members did not have ideas for their speeches, “How?”, “Why?” I always asked them as I believe we can take ideas from everything we are in contact with every single day, either it is important or not, serious or funny, whatever you know or feel or want to communicate to audience, it would be your topic for your speech. In the last resort you can be inspired from the books you read, movies you watch or people you talk with. Take inside look or look around. There are a lot of ideas for your future speeches. There were moments when I had 3-4 themes for one project, and the most difficult was to choose one of them. Mainly I made the best choice.

What advice can I give to freshmen or new members?

My advice is to make the first step and then never stop learning, improving yourself, trying the new things, struggling with your fears and doubts, helping your fellow toastmasters, inspiring people and moving and moving towards the “better you”. I believe Toastmasters community can help you with all of these. My journey with Toastmasters was not difficult thanks to the members of the club who always support me in the way I am becoming the better version of myself.

ATC for me?

With some friends from ATC we joke and name Saturday as “ATCday” as this day is associated with ATC meetings, our united lunchtime, events after the meetings, seminars before them. ATC is not only a place for improving public speaking and leadership skills, but the family consisting of different, adorable, enthusiastic, talented and unique people. With these people you can grow professionally, mentally and emotionally, work on different projects and events together, travel, dream and love.

Join us, you will never regret as you can find whatever you need.





ATC RUN. Edition 2. Follow up.

ATC RUN is early held sport event. It is organized to unite toastmasters and new members, develop leadership skills and create healthy and supportive atmosphere in our club.

The organizing committee consisted of 5 people: Anel, Gulmira, Kanat, Asset and Aigerim.

In comparison with last year, we provided link for registration, so we would distribute numbers in advance and allocate budget for prizes. In advance, we bought gifts for winners. Moreover, thanks to Anel’s sister Dilara for creating beautiful hand-made medals! Every team member was responsible for a specific task. For instance, Anel was responsible for buying gifts, printing out medals and organizing the event. Gulmira prepared nice coffee break, brought the equipment and timed the distances. Kanat and Asset were responsible for timing the distances. Asset made an entertaining promotional video. Aigerim measured the distances, received an approval from Akimat of Astana to organize such event, bought the gifts and led the project.


Even though 30 people had registered for the event, 17 people participated. The weather on that day was quite amazing: sunny and warm. The atmosphere was very positive; especially we had among our attendees our fellow toastmasters from Samruk-Kazyna Toastmasters club.

The ATC RUN started from nice warm-up by volunteers’ organizations “Best for Kids”.  We are thanking “Best for Kids” for their support. All money donations will be given to “Best for Kids” organization. We are planning to organize one more event to support one of the kids’ orphanages.


There were three races 2.5, 5 and 10 km, so every person could run at their own pace. The run was followed by a cozy coffee break including hot berry tea, biscuits and dates.
In addition, million thanks to Assiya she agreed to show Zumba moves to our participants, while they were waiting for the results. The results are the following:

2,5 km
Men Women
Сабыржанов Алишер 00:16:25 Уссенова Аина 00:12:16
Кустубаева Лаура 00:18:53.000
5 km
Men Women
Каржавин Александр 515 00:21:46 Мукатова Ботагоз 502 00:27:41
Чирик Николай 520 00:22:13 Жадыра Утебалиева 512 00:31:24
Тангабаева Салтанат 501 00:31:30
Бабаева Асия 503 00:31:47
10 км
Men Women
Сейтахметов Нурлан 111 00:51:18 Аскерова Жаныл 102 00:57:41
Жексебайулы Руслан 103 00:51:39 Гуламова Гульчехра 117 01:03:17
Жусупов Султан 110 00:51:47
Колесаиков Алексей 120 00:52:53
Нуралин Адил 107 00:57:05


If you are thinking to organize any events, do it! You will gain valuable experience and new skills. It may be challenging task, but in the end, it all pays off, once you see heart-warming smiles of people around you! Say yes to every opportunity next to you! You might end up in a happy place! =)


Отчет бюджета

Организаторские расходы Взнос от участников
Подарки победителям (2 бутылки) 3300 Участники 17
Подарки победителям (скакалки, повязки на голову, повязки на руки, спортивные сумки) 8000 Благотворительный взнос 2000
Спортивные батончики 1520 Сумма 34000 тенге
Ленты 2250
Стаканы 600
Тарелки 300
Салфетки 200
Кофе брейк (печенье 4 вида, финики 4 пачки, вода) 3505
Картон для медалей 450
Сумма 20125 тенге
Деньги на благотворительность

(взнос от участников   орг. расходы)

13875 тенге



VIII ATC What? Where? When? Game

On the first of October was the VIIIth ATC  “What?Where?When?” game
This yeah the game was going in the new café Burgershop where you can try tasty burgers and enjoy cozy atmosphere.
There were six Teams: Stranger kids (captain Amina Kussainova ), Algabas megamozg (Korlan Bektassova), Akuna Matata (Anara Badyrlenova), Batman (Chingiz Matayev), ZZ (Alisher Tazhinov) and Burgershop (Sulushash).
This year the idea of the game was different.
I tour – classic What?Where?When?. Questions were asked out loud and the answers Were written on pieces of paper.

II – questions on different topics:History, Geography,Science, Literature and Sport. All questions had different levels of difficulty: 1,2,3.

After first and second tour there was a coffee break. All teams had a good rest enjoying tasty snacks from Burgershop.

III tour – quiz. Each person was asked one easy but tricky question. This tour was very funny.

IV tour was captains’ tour. Each captain was asked 3 questions. The winner was Amina Kussainova, captain of Stranger kids.



Finally, after 4 tours with huge difference won Algabas Megamozg team. They won super prize from Burgershop- lunch certificate for 10000 tenge for their team. Also they had small presents.

All teams chose the best player of a team and presents were given for them as well.

Overall the event was interesting and funny. The location and players were amazing.

This event was organized by active, bright and smart ladies and members of Astana Toastmasters Club: Akbota Sabetova, Aizhan Zhumabayeva and Anar Issayeva.







If you ever want to make an event for children, you have to know two main rules: first, prepare thoroughly; second, know that everything will not go as planned!


In our case these rules worked like clockwork so that even the wicked witches while hiding from the kids would repeat: OH MY GOD!


In my childhood the words “witches/demons/wizards” would usually ignite so much fear and excitement, but not now. The kids of SOS children’s village look at the world of fairytales with open eyes: they are not afraid of the green-faced scary villains. Instead, they would circle me, Zhanna and Raushan  (the wicked witches of OZ country) every time we would approach them.


“I am holding her broom, you, guys, attack her from behind!” The kids were shouting when they saw my green-faced dark figure. The wicked witch had to run. Should we say that WE were a little bit startled from the very beginning?


PLAN B: SOS from the children’s village!

However, I skipped ahead. That morning was wonderful: neither hot nor cold. We came to the place in advance to prepare ourselves for the “Oz quest-game”: we were dressing up, making the costumes, repeating the words and doing make-up laughing at the reflection in the mirror. Everything went according to the plan…


“The kids are already waiting for you!”- A village’s worker asked us to begin the game and we moved into positions: Ellie (Anar Issayeva) and her dog Toto (my little brother Azamat) went right to the children and started the quest while a Tin man (Kanat Bazaraly), the witches, winged monkeys, the Cowardly lion (Yura Prokopenko) and Scarecrow (Aset Abuov) were hiding in the playground waiting for their turn to perform.


However, five minutes later we were already confused by the noise and shouts that came bursting out of the meadow where children were playing the game.

“Why he, not me?” “I don’t like this name!” “Oh, no, don’t touch this!” “Put it on its place, please!” Anara’s (Ellie) tender voice now was working on the maximum volume. “Fortunately, I am not playing Ellie”- Aigerim Kosheken whispered right behind me.  Now we were enjoying being just a witch and a winged monkey, whose mission was to scare and startle the kids.


“Don’t dwell on the script and the roles! What we need now is to control the situation” – Yura “the Cowardly Lion” was already unfolding a new tactics as if it was not the playground, but the real battle field and we were the guerrillas with the war paint on the faces. Plan “A” – the good children doing everything right as we want it – had already been undermined. It was the wicked witches and the inhabitants of “the magical forest” who now were getting nervous and a little bit scared!


“Repeat your number one after another like in the army!”- The Cowardly Lion was getting less cowardly. Sure, there were no such words in the script. We no longer stuck to it. Even if we wanted, we couldn’t: Raushan (the wicked witch) told me later that children had been asking her to be kind and good despite she was the witch as well as they began to listen to me once I said: “I want to be kind-hearted, how can I gain this trait?”  Children answered with no doubts: “Goodwin will help you!”


Did the author put any meaning into the name of the main wizard of OZ? My answer is “yes”. “Goodwin” (Aset Omirzhanov) is telling us that good always wins. This plot development is quite typical for all fairytales. But now I think we all perceive it much deeper than we did before.


What an orphan child can dream about? Family in which everybody would be kind and heedful to each other. Probably that’s why they feel any kindness and sincerity so keenly. Probably that’s why they were quite uncontrollable and even aggressive with the witches – the embodiment of evil and bad luck, constantly repeating “we are not afraid!” Zhanna (the main witch, Bastinda) might long remember the way children were trying to chase her;)


We’d been told before the event that children here are hyperactive and it’s difficult to manage them. There might be the reasons: as any children they need attention, but here they have to fight for it. Therefore it was a challenge for most of the kids to play in the team as each of them would try to grab our attention sometimes shouting and disobeying us. Thank you guys, Yura (Cowardly Lion), Kanat (Tin man), Aset Abuov (Scarecrow) and Aset Omirzhanov (Goodwin), for patience, attentiveness and making children trust you! Aset O. even found a little helper among the kids and named him – Goodwin Jr.!


They say that children are the most outspoken humans; they haven’t learnt to be mean yet. The kids of SOS children’s village taught us how to befriend, trust, love and be attentive towards people. The story of Kanat, when a little girl, whom he hadn’t has a chance to chat with, presented him a chocolate, brings a salty tear to the eye; or the Albina’s moment, when a kid gave her the flowers, is so adorable and touching.

21Probably, most of the guys would tell you that the expectations didn’t meet the reality because the reality was a way different than we could have imagined. Personally I expected the obedient kids listening to every word of mine and doing everything I tell them according to the plan and the script. But it turned out to be exactly the other way round, in other words, it was better than I could ever think! The feeling that you managed to present a holiday for children which as they told us would be remembered for long days is incredible and inspiring. I am writing these lines three days  after the event but still feeling the excitement and even missing the kids, the place and the emotions I’ve got.



 By the end of the fairytale Ellie, her dog Toto, a Tin man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion ultimately reach the main wizard of OZ. They all think that Goodwin will bestow on them courage, mercy and mind.  The wizard gives a Tin man a heart made of pieces of cloth, the Cowardly lion is gifted by the water of courage and Scarecrow gets a bag full of needles that represents a sharp mind. Yet all these gifts didn’t have any power. Goodwin wasn’t a magician, but he made the characters believe that they were smart, brave and merciful ones.

As Goodwin none of us has the magical power, but still we can make a change. It might seem to be just a game or just a holiday, but do we know what it means for the children whose world unlike the adults’ still full of miracle and expectations…
























Run, toastmaster, run!!!

It is that time of the year! The time when toastmasters choose the officers’ team for the next term. The new term will begin July 1st 2017 and last till June 30th 2018.

Any member can run for any position; it does not matter how long one has been a toastmaster; 2 years, 2 months or 2 weeks. Each toastmaster can find a position in the team to his/her taste and there are plenty to choose from: President, Secretary, Vice President Education, Vice President Membership, Vice President PR, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-arms.

Many toastmasters have great potential and what is more important willingness to be the part of the team to serve to the best interest of the club. I am happy to see that some of you have already applied for a position and even two.

In this post I’d like to encourage those who are still hesitant. I have talked to some of you and the main issue that bothers you is that you will have too much work to do. For this my answer is: Yes, you will have to devote more time to ATC but it is not something that cannot be coped with due persistence and time management. And there are always your team mates and fellow toastmasters who are ready to share your burden. You will have good days and bad days. You will meet optimistic motivating people and pessimistic discouraging people. You will be supported and sometimes judged for your actions and decisions. But all I can say is that serving as an officer has been and remains an unforgettable experience of my life.

Do not hesitate, take your chance now. Try yourself at something you have never done before. You say that it is difficult, but how can you know if you never tried?

So, my advice to you, toastmasters: Run for an ATC office!


Korlan Bektassova

President ATC


ATC Bowling Tournament Follow-up!


Dear Friends!

I hope you still remember the special event held on April 8thATC Bowling Tournament. Personally I love playing bowling and especially the moments of strikes and spares! This game has always given me the opportunity to spend time with my friends and have an active rest, sometimes bowling is just like meditation for me.  For the purpose of socializing and active rest I’ve decided to organize the Bowling tournament and invited ATC members and non-members on Facebook page and Instagram. It turned out that there were many people who shared love for bowling with me. 24 people came to the tournament, among them there were 11 non-members.

I had a lot of ideas how to make this event entertaining and exciting, but I could not put them altogether on one scenario. I asked the help and my friend from our club – Saule Temirbayeva agreed to help me. Her help was priceless; she was involved in the process from the first minute. We made a program starting from the breakdown of players by 3 teams for each lane using the bowling pins of different colors, plus Saule prepared the legend of Bowling and induction ceremony! Unfortunately we could not do that as planned, as there was very loud music and some people came late. So we decided to skip this and started off with the first competition named “Challenging throws”. There the participants lined up and one after another starting with the first player from each team rolled the ball with definite tasks. For example, first players of each team threw the ball with left hands, the second ones – sitting on the floor; the thirds turned back to the lanes and rolled the balls through their legs. After some efforts, we asked our players to think up the most breathtaking and ingenious throw. All the participants were involved and they offered different kinds of throws, some people started to dance passing the ball to each other, someone threw the ball blindfolded, and one beautiful lady even did the splits after her throw!

After such an exciting and challenging part of our competition we had dinner together, while having a meal we were playing the game named “Charades”, in addition to this all the participants voted overwhelmingly in favour of Aigerim Kosheken who won the award “Breathtaking throw”!

We came back to the competition and before starting the second part named “Turn of professionals”, I conducted a bowling workshop for 10-15 minutes where I showed some compulsive techniques with the help of which you could play bowling better and take pleasure in the game. Based on my observations it was very useful for our players. Most of them began to do the strikes after strikes and caught the flow of the game. And here we announced the nominations of “Super lady striker” and “Super male striker”. Our winners were Bairam Orazov and our guest Zhamilya Nurgazy.

At the end of the evening we awarded our winners and the first place award went to the team “La La land”. The second place – “Double strikers” and the team “Courage Bombay” took the third place. Our congratulations to all the winners!

My personal and huge thanks to Saule for your help, ideas and enthusiasm. Aigerim Kussainova, thanks for photo shooting.

Thank you for coming and sharing this event with us, dear friends! I enjoyed it a lot.


Raushan Satibaldiyeva

VP Membership