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ATC Color Run 2018

What is ATC Color run? Mission, goals and values. Astana Toastmasters Club opened their summer season with a colorful event – ATC Color run, which wasn’t limited to physical exercises and running; it included color battle and tree planting on top of everything, which made the event different from analogous events in the club. The […]

Kazakh Lovers Day: Ұят емес” басқосуына шолу

Астана Тостмастерс клубының мүшелері және қонақтары. Сәуірдің он екінші жұлдызында біз қазақ тілінде арнайы басқосуымызды өткіздік. Біздің клубымыздағы дәстүрлердің бірі – жылына бір рет басқосуымызды ана тілінде жүргізу. Басқосудың тақырыбы: “Kazakh Lovers Day: Ұят емес”. Басқосу Қозы-Көрпеш пен Баян-Сұлу ғашықтар күніне орай өткізілді. Бұл мейрам Қазақстанда 2011 жылдан бастап атап өтілуде. Басқосуымызда үш спикеріміз өзінің […]

South African Country Day

Dear members and guests of Astana Toastmasters Club. On 17th of February we had a special session dedicated to the Republic of South Africa. Our guest was Counsellor of South African Embassy to Kazakhstan Mr. Theo L. Malherbe. Like other country days, this session was dedicated to South Africa and its diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan. […]

Word from President: February

​February is a special month for ATC, as it was chartered officially in February 23rd. But this year our club hosted 2 big events ATC HUNGER WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES in Burabay and ATC KVN BIRTHDAY PARTY itself. Both events were absolutely incredible and full of joy. Many thanks again to organizers (Saltanat Tangbayeva, Zhanna Kussainova) […]

Word from President: January

Fellow toastmasters More than a half year past since that warmer meeting when our past-immediate president and her team entrusted their duties and hopes for the new team of officers. During this term we had plenty of happy moments together and overcame own challenges as well. On the last meeting of December, we provided a […]