A Word from President: November

Dear Toastmasters!
Growth and Comfort never coexist.
I have just read this quote and it made me think how true these words were. We are often hesitant to step out of our comfort zones, dreading a failure. However, it is the only way for us to change, develop and grow. In toastmasters’ doing that first step towards change is delivering an icebreaker speech. Some may say that speaking in front of the audience is not big a deal, for some however, public speaking is the greatest fear of all.
The good news is that Toastmasters is not only about public speaking, it is also about taking responsibility and doing things that require a great deal of leadership and creativity. That is where you may find the room for improvement. I am sure each of us can use extra opportunity to sharpen the skills we already have or acquire new ones. The question is: are we always ready to grab that opportunity?
As the president of ATC I have faced many challenges and one of which is that people are hesitant. Having a great potential and willingness, they hesitate: hesitate to step out of their comfort zones, because they are afraid they are not ready. They hesitate to take meeting roles, thinking that they are not experienced enough; hesitate to give speeches, because they think they are boring, hesitate to lead a project, because they just do not know where to begin; hesitate to fill in the vacancy of VP PR in the officers’ team, because they are afraid it’s just too much responsibility.
The truth is that we all do. Did I hesitate when I applied to president’s position? Yes. Nevertheless, I overcame it and now I am getting so much more than I have ever imagined.
My advice to all of the Toastmasters who are struggling with hesitation is: Do not let fear steal what you can get from that experience.
November is going to be a historic month in the Toastmasters’ history in Kazakhstan. Because this is the month when we are going to have a Speech Contest among all six Toastmasters clubs in Kazakhstan, an event that never happened before. And you need to decide whether you want to be a part of this event or just stay aside hesitant.

Korlan Bektassova

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