ATC Color Run 2018

What is ATC Color run? Mission, goals and values.

Astana Toastmasters Club opened their summer season with a colorful event – ATC Color run, which wasn’t limited to physical exercises and running; it included color battle and tree planting on top of everything, which made the event different from analogous events in the club. The mission of the event was to unite not only club members, but also other interested citizens of Astana, in healthy, fun, and meaningful activities. We wanted all the participants of the Color run enjoy the event and also be proud of themselves, because of their intention to challenge themselves in running their chosen distance on a relatively early time on Sunday, and also their desire to contribute by presenting a “green” gift to Astana city. Considering the mission, we finalized our organization actions to achieve the next goals:

  • Every participant, ATC color run organization team member and volunteer should be satisfied and happy;
  • Astana Toastmasters Club should be portrayed in a positive manner to the organizations and individuals outside the club;
  • Trees should be found and planted (main charity action of the Run);
  • The judgement of the run methenolone acetate should be fair;
  • The event should not deviate much from the schedule and include all the main activities (such as warm-up, color battle, etc.). index

Our values, when organizing the event, interconnect with the Toastmasters values, and include: Respect, integrity, service and excellence. 15Our event coincided with the national  #drugoity (#anotheryou) challenge, the purpose of which was to raise awareness in sport among Kazakhstani population. We decided to announce our support to that challenge and propose to all the participants to take part in it (sharing their  pictures to social media with a hashtag #atccolorrun2018): i.e. ATC Color run was a perfect beginning for that challenge.10To read more about the idea of Color run follow this link http://telegra.ph/Interview-with-the-ATC-Summer-Color-Run-organizer-Kamila-Bekshentayeva-05-24        

Organization team. The organization team consisted of the following people:Kamila Bekshentayeva (initiator), Saltanat Tangbayeva, Ainur Kartayeva, Aiganym Kadrina, Gulnaz Tabesheva, Rafael Bekshentayev.16We were getting support from Kanat Bazaraly (general advice) and Alisher Tajinov (financial questions).

  • The team of timers-judges: Chingiz, Almat, Korlan, Aiyumgul, Zhanna, Iakov Kozlov.
    The team of volunteers (who were throwing colors):  Dana, Guldariya, Gulnara and Madina.
    At the day of the event Kuanysh helped with a warm-up. We also got support from Akimat’s side, who provided us with experienced sport instructor.
    Akbota interviewed Kamila, and advertized the event in today.kz.

Preparation. The process of preparation was not hard itself, probably due to the sincere attitude of each organization team member to the idea. From the very first moment of joining to the team each of us believed in that we could make this event happen with our joint efforts, cause we are fond of running, especially if it benefits the environment.
We were ready for the obstacles and problems, that are not inevitable in any organization work, but we can not remind now any serious of them. There were some delays in negotiation with the third parties, like city governors, partner companies. Things were not clear in our negotiations with BI group and Astana akimat, until two days before the Color run. Even such kind of tough talks had reached surprisingly best results thanks to negotiation skills of our team member responsible for Government relations, Rafael.
Indeed, each of us had its own area of responsibility, which were distributed according to skills and possibilities the team member possesses. Adding all the pieces of work done on time we got this whole bright event organized. 17

However, organizing such a public event, where the public plays an active role, the key challenge was in attracting sufficient number of participants. Thus, the idea itself should motivate people to take a part, and it did indeed as we have heard afterwards from participants’ feedback: some of them encouraged by the tree planting and others by the color throwing part. Moreover, all over the preparation period, which had started in April, we were continuing to promote the event via all possible social networks, posting about benefits of running for health, and  media, publishing an article about the upcoming event in today.kz.

As result, seeing the list of registered persons to the run was another motivation for us, cause we had the whole family registered or group of friendly people, like Astana Sparta club members, who considered our event as a good opportunity to spend time together and do a KIND thing. It is more telling about consciousness of the citizens, which could not leave us indifferent.

Of course, since we were all busy at work or caring after a baby in daytime, we had to sacrifice our sleep several times having our night meetings in order to make things as they were initially imagined. Preparing the runner’s kit turned out to pe the most time demanding part, cause every thing we put in it was handmade with love.=) Still we enjoyed every our meeting driven by the idea of making this happy event possible.

After getting such a positive energy back from the event, we are full of inspiration and enthusiasm to reunion in the future beneficial events.

Focus areas of the organization team:

Warm up
Speakers, megaphone
20 trees, water machine, shovels
Awards and thank you gifts
Snacks and water
Bracelets (for each participant)
Timing team
Runners’ and other participants labels, water labels
Certificates design
Runners’ kits
Communication with registered people
Social media, videos
Tables and chairs
Colors 13

The most challenging thing for us was to find trees. As it turned out, they were expensive to purchase, and we were determined to ask for help from outside. Astana Akimat of Almaty region after our second request replied positively, and gave us 20 young pear trees, water machine and shovels, for which we are extremely grateful. index.jpg11

To have a smooth and clear planning of the event, we had several meetings with BI group, the owner of Triathlon park. Firstly, we discussed the possibility of having the Color run on June, 3rd, so that the event didn’t conflict other possible events. They approved our idea to plant trees, and showed the place, where we could plant them.
Another moment, that is worth mentioning, is our meeting with the initiator of free Sunday fitness in Astana parks. We proposed to run our events simultaneously. The initiator liked the idea, since we guaranteed people, and he had a fitness instructor, who could help us with warm-up and other related questions. However, as it turned out on the day of the event, the fitness instructor was taking “too much” on him, and prevented the smooth work of our own timers and judges. 1

At the day of the event and results. The weather decides a lot, and on the day of the event we expected some rain, which could “ruin” our Color run. Yet, by 9 in the morning the sky cleared out, however, it still was freezing and windy (frankly saying, not a nice weather for a summer run). In spite of such conditions, our heros – participants of the Color run, made it to the event, some event brought their family members and friends, and we got about 20 more people who wanted to join the challenge and fun! 7

The truck with trees arrived promptly at 9 am (thanks to Akimat), as well as tables and chairs (thanks to American Corner, Kuanysh and Kanat). The organization team prepared the registration, colors and snacks stations. The registration started as people kept coming. Participants were receiving their runners’ kits, socializing, having snacks, taking pictures, jumping to warm up. Our volunteers, timers and photographer – all came in time. Our warm up started with Kuanysh, who showed couple of before-run exercises. 11

Then organization team girls showed some fun latin dance movements. The final warm up was from the experienced instructor, and then, the participants were given a command to run. 9

The results of Color run (winners):


3K male


1st Artur Temraliev 8.40 min

2nd Viktor Balmanov 9.44 min

3rd Karim Akhmediev 9.58 min

3K female


1st Aina Ussenova 11.05 min

2nd Viktoriya Balmanova 13.02 min

3rd Aisulu Yensegenova 13.04 min

7K male


1st Kuanysh Sadykov 27.15 min

2nd Bagdat 31.05 min

3rd Bakhtiyar Mustafinov 31.31 min

7K female


1st Asel Zholdasova 40.26 min

2nd Diana Karasheva 40.50 min

3rd Aigerim Aubakirova  41.09 min



After the run, people were invited to take part in Color battle. Not many were willing to join though, because they didn’t want to color their shoes and clothes. Anyways, most of participants were happy even just to take a photo with colored runners to take a bright memory with him.When the winners were awarded, the remaining participants started planting trees, which was very exciting. 8


Financial report

Item (quantity) Cost (KZT)
Color powder (5 kg) 25000
Awards to the winners (12) 15000
Tshirts (9) 22500
Thank-you-gifts 15500
Bracelets (100) 25000
Plastic color sprayers 3000
Snacks: bananas and cookies 16700
Water “brandless” (144 bottles) 5000
Gloves (71 pairs) 5680
Certificate paper 3675
Water “Tassay” 7230
Zip-bags 5100
Pins 1500
Disposable cups for colors 1000
Subtotal 151885
ATC Flags (2) 17000
Megaphone 9000
Total 177885
Money collected 160000

Thank you notes from organizers. We would like to thank everybody who came and supported ATC Run! We Hope that everybody enjoyed this event as much as we did organizing it.
Special thanks goes to Astana Akimat of Almaty region who provided us with 20 pear trees, shovels, and water machine.
We are thankful to online water “Brandless” for being so flexible and providing very cheap water bottles for the event.
We are thanking American Corner of Astana for giving us chairs and tables! Thanks to Kuanysh and Kanat for bringing them in the morning to the park.
Lots of thanks to our timer-judges Chingiz, Korlan, Almat, Zhanna, Aiymgul! You did a brilliant job!
Thanks to Kanat for some organization advice and Alisher Tazhinov for patiently collecting money from people. It was tough but you did it fantastically!
Thanks to Zhanibek who helped to find a photographer, and thanks to photographer Tamirlan, who took pictures for certificate.
Thanks to Iakov Kozlov for your fair judgement as well as inspiring so many of us to run!
We are grateful to the team of volunteers, Dana, Guldariya, Gulnara and Madina, who were responsible for throwing colors. Their job was to bring brightness and joy to the run, and we think they managed with it by 100%! 14Sincerely, ATC Color Run 2018 Team