Success story: How ATC obtained my heart:) by Raushan Satibaldiyeva (CC, ALB)

Why I joined ATC

I started my ATC journey in October 2016 however I heard about the club long before that moment: first from my friend who just said about the existence of such club where you are able to improve your public speaking skills. Then I met a former president of the club Korlan Bektassova in Pecha Kucha Night and some months later we were having Spanish classes together and she told me about the club, its meetings, schedule and I could not attend it because of lack of time. Finally I met the fellow toastmaster Aigerim Akiltayeva who spent almost an hour in describing the club in detail and with so much love and appreciation that I felt the need to get acquainted with the club and came to my first meeting. ATC was insistent and finally obtained my heart. At my first meeting I did not lose the chance and signed up for delivering an Ice breaking speech, and the following meeting – I took a role of Grammarian. From that moment our “love story” began immediately. Taking this opportunity, I’d like to thank these ladies for giving me a chance to know the club and gain the benefits it can give everyone.

My current project in the club.

I completed CC manual and did all 10 projects from CL manual in May 2017, it took almost 8 months to earn both awards. In December 2016 I became club’s VP Membership and had worked in this position for 6 months, gave 2 speeches from Successful club series and recently I’ve got ALB (Advanced Leadership Bronze) award. In communication track I am about to start Advanced Communication Series manuals, namely Public Relations manual and Storytelling. I’ve chosen the first one as in June I decided to be elected for the officer’s position VP Public relations and now I am serving as a VP PR of the club. I believe this manual will be helpful in knowing how to be an effective VP PR and contribute the club in this way. The latter was chosen as I wanted to improve the skills needed for storytelling in English; these skills will never be redundant, right?

 My favorite speech from CC Manual.

The most valuable and memorable speech of mine was the project #6 – named “4 women M”, I delivered it on March 9th on the occasion of Women’s day. The idea came to me when I saw the topic of the meeting. At first I prepared the speech about the women who played the significant roles in my life: my mother, my grandmother, sisters, my best girlfriend and my first teacher at school. Then I changed the idea and made my mind to play the roles of very wise, famous and super-women in the world history such as Margaret Thatcher, Marilyn Monroe, Mother Teresa and the most important person in my life – My mother. During the speech I changed my voice, body language and even clothes adjusting them for each character. In conclusion I told about my mom and what qualities in my mom could be similar to other ladies: she is rational and demanding just as Margaret Thatcher, she has the kindness and grace of Mother Teresa, but I’ve never seen in my beloved mother the affected manners of Marilyn Monroe. I think this speech became my favorite one because I could express my feelings, appreciation and love to all women in the world in face of 4 wonderful women.

How I prepare for the speeches?

With CC Manual I tried to give 2 speeches per month, however it did not always work well because of lack of time. I often heard that most members did not have ideas for their speeches, “How?”, “Why?” I always asked them as I believe we can take ideas from everything we are in contact with every single day, either it is important or not, serious or funny, whatever you know or feel or want to communicate to audience, it would be your topic for your speech. In the last resort you can be inspired from the books you read, movies you watch or people you talk with. Take inside look or look around. There are a lot of ideas for your future speeches. There were moments when I had 3-4 themes for one project, and the most difficult was to choose one of them. Mainly I made the best choice.

What advice can I give to freshmen or new members?

My advice is to make the first step and then never stop learning, improving yourself, trying the new things, struggling with your fears and doubts, helping your fellow toastmasters, inspiring people and moving and moving towards the “better you”. I believe Toastmasters community can help you with all of these. My journey with Toastmasters was not difficult thanks to the members of the club who always support me in the way I am becoming the better version of myself.

ATC for me?

With some friends from ATC we joke and name Saturday as “ATCday” as this day is associated with ATC meetings, our united lunchtime, events after the meetings, seminars before them. ATC is not only a place for improving public speaking and leadership skills, but the family consisting of different, adorable, enthusiastic, talented and unique people. With these people you can grow professionally, mentally and emotionally, work on different projects and events together, travel, dream and love.

Join us, you will never regret as you can find whatever you need.