Meeting Followup 21 JAN 2017 by Aliya Sariyeva

Last Saturday we had an amazing meeting!

It started with inspirational speech of Mr. John Register, the Associate Director for Community and Veterans Programs for U.S. Paralympics. He is a two-time Paralympic athlete and a speaker, inspirer and motivator who uses his life experience to challenge everyone to never settle into their setbacks, but to hurdle their adversity in all aspects of life. Mr. Register motivated us to never give up and find a lot of advantages in tough situations. Thank you very much for your time and motivation!
The next speaker was Aisha Beisenova who delivered her second speech “The foundation for a lifetime success”. Aisha told us about Montessori system of children’s early development. Her final  quotation of Dr. Montessori is still resonating in my mind: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Thank you!
Third speaker Aidana surprised us by proving that eating cakes is really worth it. She made her own research required by project 7 “research your topic” and reached her objective. By the end of her speech she came up with pleasant surprise – diet cakes for all. Yummy! Please, consider making this good tradition in your further performances. =)
Speaker number 4 was Damira Kulakhmetova with amazing role-play from Mario Puzo’s “Godfather”. If you were not there you missed a lot! Damira is such a talented actress! She presented several scenes where different people came to the Godfather to ask for a favor. Damira made the exact voice of Don Korleone in the movie and even brought a teddy bear to substitute a cat she caressed. On the other hand, she cried, kissed the godfather’s hand and asked for justice roleplaying guests. I just can’t stop writing about my impressions. Thank you very much, Damira! Guys, consider taking this cool manual “Interpretive reading”!
And the last but not the least was our icebreaker Rakhilya Ibildayeva, whose desire to ask questions brought her to ATC. Rakhilya’s main intention is to serve people. I think ATC is just the right place for serving community. We enjoyed Rakhilya’s speech so much that voted for her as the best prepared speaker and new member of the club. Welcome to the family, Rakhilya! 
After prepared speech session we proceeded with table topics session led by creative Aigerim Kosheken. She had a VIP question where the volunteer had to show some statements written only using her body. Diana Kim successfully completed this task winning the best table topics speaker award and was also voted to be ATC member. Welcome, Diana!
During the evaluation session our wonderful team consisting of Elmira Balatabayeva (GE), Saule Temirbayeva (timer), Yuriy Kim (ah-counter), Diana Kim (grammarian), Raushan Satibaldiyeva, Korlan Bektassova, Aigerim Akiltayeva and Anara Badyrlenova (all speech evaluators) provided constructive feedback to all speakers. Our new VP Education Anara Badyrlenova won the best speech evaluator award.
My main takeaways from this meeting were:
  • face problems as challenges
  • deliver speeches and learn public speaking by doing, not just watching and listening
  • if you like something find reasons to do it
  • keep discovering new talents like acting within yourself
  • keep asking questions, they can take you out of your comfort zones to the places where magic happens

Thank you for reading this long follow up note till the end =) See you this Thursday!

Toastmaster of ATC meeting, Jan 21
Aliya Sariyeva, DTM