A Word From President: October

Dear Toastmasters!

As the air gets colder and days shorter, the more you want to stay tucked under a warm blanket and cozy in your bed. Luckily, members of ATC are not like everybody else. Toastmasters are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

Every day I hear success stories about former members of Astana Toastmasters Club. However, to call them “former members” would not be accurate since there are no Ex-toastmasters.I believe there is always a special connection between people who relate themselves to toastmasters, whenever and wherever you meet them.

I am glad to see many new faces at ATC meetings – people who want to become a part of a great community and want to learn and grow.

In October we are having a special Homecoming meeting for the members of ATC from different times. They will perform their ice-breaking speeches for the first time in a long time – it is the same atmosphere but different people. It is a definitely must-see-event!

I’d like to welcome our new members of September: Akbota Sabetova, Chandan Sarma, and Zhibek Ussembayeva. I am confident that you would be a great asset to Astana Toastmasters Club.

Special thanks to Bairam Orazov for organizing a Culinary Contest with Wine Tasting. It was an incredible event, where we all learned that cooking can be fun and easy.

There are many more events and activities are ahead. Stay tuned and see you at the meetings.


Korlan Bektassova