Follow UP. March 29, 2016.

Dear Toastmasters,
Once Nuni said that when she first heard the ‘Toastmasters’ word it sounded for her like ‘Toastmonsters’. On this Tuesday, the 29th of March, we really witnessed speeches not from simple toastmasters, but from toastmonsters of our club.
Yerlan Meirbek opened prepared speeches session with his really entertaining speech. He cracked jokes about Yernar’s military service, his VIP haircut, ‘SIR YES SIR’ and stuff; about our best grammarian Banu and his own mistake on ‘imAgine’ word; about Anuar and his dreams of ending this presidency term; about myself and my belief that everything will be VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD, YEEEAH; and finally about Samat’s dream of 50th anniversary of our wonderful club. Although, as you see there was a lot of funny jokes, he managed not only to entertain the audience, but simultaneously to do an experiment and to convey a deep message that, if you set a long term goal, you will be much more productive than you are without it, no matter whether you are the person who does things ahead of required time, right on time or out of time. Thank you Yerlan, I always feel like a million dollars when I listen to your speeches.
The second speaker was Korlan Bektassova, with her own translation of Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin’s story about two loving dogs couple: Barbos, the dog that is kind of gangster of his district and the second character of the story was well-mannered Zhul’ka, which was real queen of the house and somehow she has less characters of dog than even some people have.))) Finally, truth be told, it was not a happy ending story. Nonetheless, Korlan definitely managed to touch hearts not only of those people who were able to understand her advanced level vocabulary, but even the heart of a person, who understood everything from her beautiful voice and touching eyes, I mean my heart, of course. By the way, I gave a try to find it in English and, probably I did it not thoroughly enough, but I couldn’t find the English version of the story. Probably, you are the first who did it. Thank you Korlan, that was amazing!
The last, but by far not the least speaker of the meeting was the best speaker of the meeting, Asem Panova, with her also very sincere and concurrently entertaining speech from far 1992. By that time, she was a sort of ‘bad’ girl of about 14 years old, who was really lucky to pass an exam and to enter a class with the highest level of English, while, from her own words, her English was literally hopeless. Asem said that most of the time, her life was easy for her and now, there is kinda balance in their family, because all the misfortune laid on her husband’s shoulders. ))) Anyway, I wish you both to be as shining as you are now and, I hope that Asem’s luck won’t leave you for the rest of your lives. Thank you Asem for such a beautiful story, it’s always exciting to open new edges of your astonishing personality.
Tana Seisembayeva led the Table Topic Session, where the best table topic speaker was Samat Panov. It was also very surprising to open some new sides of his life and one of the real sources of his enormous confidence. Thank you Samat for braveness of opening your heart to us and, I’m sure that now there is no simple hesitation in the fact that you are rather good man, as you can understand from my previous letter. P.S. Tana, thank you for your eagerness, you did it just excellently.
The Evaluation Session was led by Yerzhan Omirkhanov. By the way, I’m the only person who knows with what level of responsibility Yerzhan performed this role, calling me before the meeting and preparing to this role thoroughly in advance. The best evaluator of the meeting was Assiya Babayeva and she really deserved it. However, Anara Serikbayeva and Samat Panov gave very qualitative evaluations as well, receiving good numbers of votes from the audience. The Ah-counter, Timer, and Grammarian were Yernar Zhylkaidarov, Nuni Asker, and Banu Ibragim, respectively. Even though all the speakers were so experienced, Banu managed to find a bunch of mistakes in pronunciation and that was really useful. All in all, the evaluation session was held just smoothly, thank you all who contributed Yerzhan in this session.
By the end of the meeting, there was a great news from Yerzhan about cycling event that will be arranged by him in about 2 weeks. We are looking forward to this event Yerzhan and besides, you can write to our common chat, if you need helping with organizing the event, because we have an abundance of people who will be happy to facilitate you with this burden.
Overall, a lot of thanks go to all who took a part in building that warm atmosphere, which was in the air throughout the meeting. Thank you guys!!!
Best regards,
Anuar Unaibekov
Toastmaster of the meeting


Recipe for Success: Being Thankful with Anuar Unaybekov

Last Saturday, 26 March of 2016, our dearest member of ATC, Anuar Unaybekov has completed his CC manual. Anuar is a sunshine of our club, whenever I see him, he smiles and radiates joy and happiness! If you haven’t met him before, you can feel his kindness and passion for ATC in this message where Anuar thanks all of our members on a way to comleting CC:

Dear Toastmasters,

I’m very sorry guys. It is really a long read, but you can skip some parts and read only those, where you see your names. ))

In this message I want to share with you what I’ve learned during this just over half-a-year journey and from whom I’ve learned all these things.

Actually, I’m thankful to all of the members of our club, because literally everyone somehow inspired me and everyone had a part in my improvement as a speaker. However, I want to highlight some of them, particularly.

The 18th of July, 2015 was the day, for which I’m very thankful to God, because after that day Astana Toastmasters Club had become one of the parts of my life. Hope that DAULET remembers that day, because he was the first person from ATC with whom I got acquainted with. He kindly answered all the questions that I asked, and now I’m honored to say that he is one of my closest friends from my beloved club. Daulet was near me till my 10th speech and even mentored me on the last project from CC manual. I’ve learned a lot from him, but the most important is how to be enthusiastic about whatever I do. Thank you Daulet, you are just great person, thank you!

The second person from whom I learned a lot is my namesake, ANUAR ZHUMABAYEV, the most sincere member of our club. (It’s really a great honor to have such a namesake.) ))) Anuar praised me when I did well and asked “Anuar, what happened?” when I did not so well. The latter was more often. ))) I don’t know why, but it actually mattered to Anuar that I was growing and I hope everyone felt it as I did. This is the point that I want to learn from Anuar, I hope that I’ve already started to build this character in myself. Thank you Anuar very much, I’m very glad that I’m acquainted with you!

The next is KORLAN BEKTASSOVA , the soul of our glorious club. Recently, I wrote to our whatsapp chat that when I prepared to this 10th project, I imagined that Korlan was in the room. I wrote it sincerely, because I really couldn’t imagine our club without her. Regarding her duties, she does it very responsibly and I definitely should learn a lot from her. Sometimes Korlan may appear as a person with kinda complex temper, but I know that it’s because she loves our club more than we all love it together. Thank you Korlan, we also love you very much!

SAMAT and ASSEM PANOVA. Firstly, I’m very grateful to both of you for starting this club. With regards to what I’ve learned from this wonderful couple is that dreams can really come true, and I believe that it was their dream, when they started this club, to hug each other as tightly as they could on the 10th speech of the boy, who 6 years ago they even didn’t know anything about. Moreover, I admire that Samat doesn’t live his life just for himself, but he tries to contribute to the society, to the country he lives in, for example, persuading us to be active on elections and showing his example of a fighter with corruption in this wonderful country. Besides, he is a great envy of all the men of our planet, because he has such a wonderful wife, who also believes in him and in all the crazy ideas that he bears in his mind. Girls, learn from Assem, she is a great example of a perfect wife. Thank you guys, I’m really proud to know you!

YERLAN MEIRBEK. During this time Yerlan has become for me as an elder brother who drives me to keep up with him, but I’m not able to keep such a high speed as you see. )) He is like a tank that doesn’t stop before anything. He just smiles and goes ahead. This is the character that I want to build in myself. Yerlan even made me become a bit physically stronger. (Remember that challenge?) ))) Yerlan gives me a lot of advice and he is one of those rare people who really cares about me and apparently not only about me. It’s all about my bro Yerlan, thank you, you are the best of the best of the best!

OLESYA AKIMENKO, YERMURAT NURGOZHA,ASSET OMIRZHANOV,KANAT BAZARALY and AZAMAT KHAMZA – people, who were always open to help me and even to share their valuable time, some of them spent hours listening to my boring drafts of speeches and trying to make them better. Thank you for those beautiful moments, guys, you did really a lot for me! Thank you for your support! P.S. Yerma and Azamat we are dying to see you as soon as possible.

The other people who inspired me with their dedication to the job they do are DAMIRA KULAKHMETOVA and AIGERIM SANAYEVA. These girls give really all their passion to our club, and it is what inspires me. For this relatively short period of time they did just unbelievable work in promoting our club and running NAIZA TOASTMASTERS project, respectively. Likewise, thanks to all the people who help them to do it so well: AIGERIM AKILTAYEVA, SOGDIANA AKHMETOVA, ASSEL MUSSINA, DAULET SABYR, BANU IBRAGIM, FARIZA MAKHAY and the other guys who contribute them. You all did just great job, thank you!

Yet, I want to express my gratitude to the following people who helped me, gave me a lot of energy, and somehow believed in me through this CC track:

Finally, here is the list of the people who I want to get to know closer than I do, and I hope that I will. Some of them are just new members, while the others are experienced ones, but anyway, they all are very interesting and special people. They also somehow played their roles in my personal improvement during these beautiful 7 month-period:

Overall, my dear friends, dear toastmasters, as you see, all of you took your own part in this astonishing period of my life. I’m looking forward to those moments when I congratulate you with achieving those goals that you set and I’m also starving to make my first steps as an advanced speaker. Hope I can count on your support as I could throughout my unforgettable CC road. Thank you all guys!!!

Best regards,
Anuar Unaibekov (with your support, guys, already CC)


Below, you can also watch his 10th project!


Follow up note on Speech marathon, March 26

Dear Toastmasters,

Today we had a speech marathon with eight speakers, great atmosphere and a lot of fun as usual. Let me describe everything step by step.

The first speaker was our ‘perfect’ man, Asset Omirzhanov with his project from Leadership Excellence Series Set aimed to motivate people. Asset presented us some basic and essential componenents of effective motivation. Then we had the 9th project of Competent Communicator manual, ‘Persuade with power’ by Aigerim Kosheken. She talked about wisdom in regret, particularly she encouraged us to pay more attention and dedication towards our parents which is needy to be mentioned and reminded.

The third speaker was Damira Kulakhmetova giving her project #7. Damira researched and tried to answer what made up a startup. Afterwards there was Aigerim Akiltayeva with project #2 whithin which she was supposed to make an appropriate outline. The title of her speech was “face to face with the world” or “travelling solo”: why to do it and how to do it unbelievable.

After a series of Competent Communicator projects we had 2 experienced speakers. The fifth one was Olessya Akimenko doing assignment #5 from Interpersonal communication manual. Olessya not only gave us some tips on how to assert yourself effectively but also with the help of Aidar Abrayev enacted a role play where asserting came into action. Then another experienced speaker, the best prepared speaker of 2015, Indira Kyilybayeva addressed project #2 from Speaking to inform manual. She shared with the audience some learning tips and tricks in order to get prepared for some tasks or assignments, especially exams, tests and other official stuff.

Our marathon was closed by two different speeches. One was the last project of CC, entitled “First goes happiness” and aimed to inspire the audience. Our “Macmillan dictionary” of useful quotes and phrases, Anuar Unaibekov presented this project in which he talked about the easiest and the most difficult notion as happiness. He used a great technique – made the audience stood up, did some exercises an laughed a lot. Good job! Finally we attracted a new potential member….by the way not potential, real one as he paid the fees )) – the ice breaker, Bairam Orazov who was talking about how he lost his weight through yoga classes held by a beautiful blond slim lady, found the real meaning and taste of life, his current values and many othe interesting things.

Guess who became the best…? The man who finally got CC off his chest :) My congratulations go to Anuar Unaibekov!

The evaluation session was lead by Olessya Akimenko and we also had a full house of evaluators, experienced, focused and quite critical. But…. it’s hard to compete with perfection…Asset Omirzhanov became the best, sorry the perfect one 😉

Overall thanks every participator for your role of the marathon and let’s get fit and prepared for the next one.

Assiya Babayeva,


Talk like TED or What ATC speakers already do (Part 1)

In one of her speech evaluations, Assel Stambekova mentioned a book she recommended to read to master the art of public speaking, “Talk Like TED” by Carmine Gallo. I followed her advice and thank her for this recommendation.


“Talk Like TED” is a book about emotional, novel and memorable presentations and how to give them. The author referred to many TED talks that excelled the art of effective communication. Having watched most examples of exceptional speeches, I thought to myself that our members do possess and masterfully apply these techniques in their speeches. In this post I will go through the 9 chapters of the book with a brief description and my own examples.


The most popular TED presentations share nine common elements that can be grouped in three parts: emotional – they touch our heart, novel – they teach something new, and memorable – they present content in ways that’s hard to forget.



Chapter 1: Unleash the master within

This chapter is about passion in speeches and that sharing and expressing it is what makes your audience listen to you. “Passion is not a passing interest or even a hobby. A passion is something that is intensely meaningful and core to your identity.”


I see many ATC members express their passion in presentations. A recent example is of Indira Kyilybayeva when she talked about her project Pro Bono, a service that lets professionals provide services to those who are unable to afford them. In her speech, Indira showed her passion in being able to offer unpaid help to other people by doing something she was best at. Her message was so clear and powerful that motivated other people to join the project.


Chapter 2: Master the art of storytelling

The power of stories is indisputable. Stories help to appeal to audience, make a point, deliver a message and persuade.

“Persuasion occurs when three components are represented: ethos, logos and pathos. Ethos is credibility. We tend to agree with people whom we respect for their achievements, title, experience, etc. Logos is the means of persuasion through logic, data, and statistics. Pathos is the act of appealing to emotions.”


The best storyteller that I know in ATC is Korlan Bektassova. I love to hear stories she shares and extremely liked her speeches from Storytelling manual. The most memorable of them was a story about King Arthur and his search for an answer to “What do women want?” The story was very intriguing, was beautifully performed and had an unexpected twist. No wonder on that day Korlan was awarded as the best prepared speaker.


Chapter 3: Have a Conversation

This chapter was the most eye-opening for me and it changed the way I prepare to speech presentations now. It says that to appear natural and be authentic I should practice for hours, not particularly memorizing every word that I am going to say, but giving my speech as often as I could. Practice it in front of people, change content if it’s needed depending of their reaction, record it, watch it back. It might sound like a hell of preparation but I believe it will pay off.


I realized that almost every time I prepared for my speech I did my work in half: worked on my content, but lacked its rehearsal. The author compares it to “having a ferrari, without knowing how to ride it”. That is what my mentor also commented on when I presented my last project, very emotional for me that at one point I struggled to handle my emotions, thus, felt nervous and exceeded my time limit.



Chapter 4: Teach me something new

Some presentations that I watched had a message that contradicted or questioned the conventional wisdom. Those were the speeches that I liked the most, those that taught me something new. According to the author, the information can be not that new, but “packaged differently, or offers a fresh and novel way to solve an old problem”.


The example that I want to give is not of a prepared speech, but from a table topic session, when speakers answer a question related to one theme in 1-2 minute time frame. The theme of that meeting was related to book reading. I don’t remember the question itself, but remember how the speaker, Asset Omirzhanov, caught everyone’s attention by saying that he thought reading was not that important. He then later explained his view by talking about meditation and I’m sure if he had time he would masterfully make a whole speech on this topic.


Chapter 5: Deliver jaw-dropping moments

Every presentation has or should have a jaw-dropping moment, a shocking, impressive, or surprising moment. It is “so moving and memorable, it grabs the listener’s attention and is remembered long after the presentation is over”.


Azamat Makhsudov in his second project talked about schools and how he would make a class on joggling to teach children a lesson of learning. Azamat used some prop: he brought tennis balls and joggled while giving his speech. At one point at his presentation it looked like he dropped the ball because he didn’t play that well and we already started to feel sorry for him. But after a while the audience realized it was made intentionally to show how it might be hard at first to make something work and learn a new skill. I remember this moment very clearly, because it was an “emotionally charged moment”.
These jaw-dropping moments can be some shocking statistics, props, a video, a rhetorical device or personal stories so impactful that everyone remembers it long after your presentation.


End of Part 1

by Damira Kulakhmetova


Recipe for Success: My CC story with Marzhan Amanzholova

My journey to ATC life began from a very simple question “Are you for the first time here?” from Aidana Kenesbayeva, who later became my friend. So, in 3 years of being member of ATC I managed to make friendship with many good people and successfully completed Competent Communicator manual. However, if you have a real desire to finish this manual in one year or in 6 months, it is possible.

The words coming from your heart will find a way to come out.

If you would like to hear the whole story, let me start from the very beginning. Well, my story began from an Ice-breaking speech and tiresome preparation. Speech structure, then content and then a great number of rehearsals, led to the joyful delivery and strict feedback. With every new speech I made I got new experience and polished public speaking skills.

My Projects

Talking about projects I made, I would like to mention that the easiest one for me was project #8 “Visual aids” where you need to use at least 2 aids to support your speech and make it more visible. I suppose here comes your “Why?”. I would answer that it is always easy to talk about something you love very much. I love my city that is why I delivered a speech about Astana. The most difficult was project #7 “Research your topic”. This project aimed to make research on the topic you have chosen and support your speech by adding statistics. Firstly, I could not choose an appropriate topic, then I felt that my research was not deep enough, and then I decided to change my topic. But one of my ATC peers helped me to come and see the project from another side and advised to look for some articles as a source of research. Although I delivered speeches rarely, I tried to make them “high-quality”.

My Mentors

Support and help are usual things for ATC members. Even more, there is a special system of mentoring in ATC. I myself had 2 mentors, Aidana and Asset who put a huge input and time to help me to grow as a speaker. They were open and shared all information they have gained from Toastmasters. For instance, Aidana taught me to not memorize speeches, but to associate every sentence I wrote with something. Asset has his own view and own approach, so he advised to rehearse speeches having TV switched on, as a disturber. They for sure have more tricks and knowledge to share and I can probably write a book about their technics, but I believe they could happily tell them to you at the meetings. Because one of the keys to become a better leader is to give opportunity to the less experienced club members to develop their leadership skills by sharing knowledge.

Our club is always very welcome to see you as a guest and if right now you are looking for a place where you could improve speaking skills, become a real leader and make new friends –  Astana Toastmasters Club is the place you could think of!


Recipe for Success: My journey to ACS and CL by Indira Kyilybayeva

I started my toastmaster journey in June 2014 when I delivered my ice-breaking speech. Standing next to the lectern, I couldn’t imagine how Toastmasters club would transform my life in less that two years. Today I would like to share my experience with the readers of this amazing blog (thanks PR team for this initiative!)

I moved to Astana in October 2013. Desperate for new friends, I started to explore new opportunities which Astana offered to me. That’s how I came across ATC. I visited ATC on 8th of February 2014, but found courage to deliver my first speech only 4 months later!

Today I am a proud ACS and CL which stands for advanced communication silver and competent leadership respectively. It means that I delivered 30 speeches and completed 10 leadership projects.

My journey to ACS

The first ten speeches made me extremely excited (from CC manual¹)! I am a bookworm and love to share with friends what I learnt from books I had read. Usually, my audience consists of my dear husband, my close friends and social media followers. And now I discovered that I could share exciting things with new people who are eager to hear me! yay! )) Most speeches from CC manual were devoted to some book. For example, CC#2 – Defining decade, CC#3 – Food rules, CC#4 – Brain rules, CC#8 – The Honest Truth about Dishonesty, in CC#9 I used facts from John Maxwell’s book on leadership, in CC#10 – from Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping point.
I love reading so I never run out of ideas for my speeches :)

As for advanced manuals, I chose the following:
– Entertaining speaker – because some people at ATC said that my serious speeches sometimes made them cry and I wanted to learn new public speaking techniques
– Storytelling – one of the most interesting manuals to prepare and to listen to
– Technical presentations – very useful for work
– Speeches by management – I am being a career girl, couldn’t resist the temptation 😉

Right now I am working on Interpretive reading and Speaking to inform manuals.
Upon completion of these two manuals, I will receive advanced communication gold award. That will be le fin of my communication track.

From all 35+ speeches I performed my last one from CC is the most valuable for me. Title was Joy Thief and the speech supposed to inspire the audience to stop comparing their lives with the lives of others as this comparison steals all the joy and happiness. 

How I prepare to my speeches

On average I deliver 2 projects per month (current ATC rules do not allow to perform more). The hardest part is topic selection, then I just prepare PPT if necessary and rehearse several times. I never write scripts (actually I did it only twice – with my ice breaking speech and with CC#10 because I was a contest participant and my team shared texts to get opinion from each other). Probably, some find writing a script a useful and important part of preparation but it never worked for me. On the other hand, during rehearsal I polish structure, think out new arguments and ideas. It also makes a big difference when it comes to time management.

Usually I start preparation well in advance, but sometimes I finish doing PPT just one hour before the meeting))) But I never skip rehearsal. I heard that on average it takes one hour of rehearsal time for every minute of speech for TED talk. It’s ideal, of course. It takes 30-60 minutes for me, overall, but it’s enough to prepare 7-10 minutes speech.

My journey to CL

Now let’s talk about CL².
At first I found it useless – indeed, how one could become a better leader by being a general evaluator, let alone, an ah-counter??
But then I decided to give it a try. It turned out that my three most exciting projects started as a part of CL!
First, I was an editor-in-chief of August newsletter³. Totally new experience for me. I appreciate that I learnt new skills (like inserting a video clip into a microsoft word doc!)
Second, the whole new Samruk-Kazyna toastmasters club* was born due to a leadership project of a Membership campaign!
Third, I was honored to organise speech contest which became one of the brightest meetings of 2015 year. Everyone got some prize and most importantly everyone was cheered up by this blissful event. I even received a certificate for organising the best speech contest of the year!
Understanding the importance of CL was the hardest part, everything else was easy! I highly encourage fellow toastmasters not to underestimate this first ten leadership project. After all, Toastmasters is all about leadership!Some people think that ATC is a bunch of nerds. Well, I definitely am and never ashamed to admit it)) Mind you we have normal people around us, though nerdic type prevails – how else would you explain that the most visited social event is Что?Где?Когда? )))
However, ATC is not only about learning, but also about making new friends, sharing ideas, helping each other, starting new projects together, growing professionally and becoming a better version of yourself. On top of that, it’s sooooo much fun!
You definitely need to be part of our big Toastmasters family! 😉

Editor notes:

¹ At Toastmasters the members have two tracks they can and should follow: Communication and Leadership Tracks. Here, Indira shares her experience on doing the first track, communication. Indira has completed her Competent Communicator (performed first 10 speeches from CC manual), Advanced Communicator Bronze (performed the other 10 speeches from two advanced manuals of her choice) and Advanced Communicator Silver (the other 10 speeches from two advanced manuals). Now, Indira has started to give speeches from two advanced manuals and after completing them, she will receive Advanced Communicator Gold. (more information on Resources).
² CL stands for Competent Leadership. It is the first manual to complete from a Leadership Track. As CC it has 10 projects that will help to improve the member’s leadership skills. After CL, Indira can and is working on her Advanced Leader Bronze. (more information on Resources).
³ From February, 1st as a club we do not make newsletters and have started this blog, instead.
* Samruk-Kazyna toastmasters club – is a new and soon-to-become an affilicated club of Toastmasters International. For more information on local clubs follow this link.

Educational report – February 2016

Here is a monthly report from our Club Secretary, Indira Kyilybayeva.
Other facts about February meetings:
1) 5 regular meetings, one additional meeting at NU, one thematic meeting dedicated to ATC anniversary;
2) One guest speaker: Anuar Nurpeissov;
3) Best prepared speakers of February: Indira Kyilybayeva, Tana Seisembayeva (2 times), Bekzat Kaiypkhanova, Jaksybek Nurtlessov, Aikorkem Nurzhanova, Asem Panova
4) Best speech evaluators: Elmira Tulbassieyva, Korlan Bektassova (4 times), Aizhan Ospanova, Samat Panov;
5) Best table topic speakers: Yerzhan O. (2 times), Aigerim A., Jaksybek, Aikorkem, Anuar Zh, Bayram (guest)
6) Attendance: 27 – 16 – 32 – 20 – 33 – 19 – 25, thus average attendance is 24.6 people (29 on Saturdays, 17.5 on Thursdays, 20 on Wednesday meeting at NU); range 16;
7) Three speakers cancelled their speeches: Ainur Kartayeva, Aliya Jumabayeva, Aiya Yesbolatova
8) Ice-breakers delivered 4 speeches out of 4 possible;
9) Words of the day in February: fluster, enigmatic, serendipity, inquisitive, viral, amiable, Achilles’ hill

Behind the Curtain: Oscar ATC BD Party with Assiya Babayeva

Dear Toastmasters!

I’d like to greet everyone in spring. As you know, February was full of events: ATC Bowling Tournament, Macedonian Day, my B’day :) and finally ATC Birthday party! The topic of the party was chosen easily but on the other hand took pretty long time. We, girls, definitely wanted such a topic that would allow us to wear a gorgeous dress, put glamorous make-up and see our gentlemen in brilliant suits. Thus the alternatives of the topic were ‘White party’, ‘Music awards’ etc. ‘Let’s organize an Oscar party’ idea suddenly stroke our minds and only after this we realized that real Oscar award ceremony was coming.

Luckily, all ATC members are extremely active and visit various events apart from ATC. So we started to brainstorm and highlighted lots of awesome ideas. At the beginning, the scenario was quite chaotic and reminded the ‘vinaigrette salad’. But later on it turned into truly thematic party devoted to cinema, Hollywood and all this stuff. Moreover, we tried to recreate the atmosphere of the award by bringing an Oscar statue (almost 2 meter-tall), a red carpet, popcorn and many other details that contributed to the whole idea.

Overall, for anyone who wants to organize social events for ATC or any other organization, my recommendations will be absolutely banal, but these are the basics:

– get everything prepared in advance;

– try to recruit more members;

– rehearse at least some parts which might go wrong…

A separate big ‘thank you’ goes to Anuar, Mr. President for helping us with decoration!

Another person who is shy but is able to do men’s work is Tana. Bakery isn’t only sweet and honey, it is also painful and hard ))

Zhanna, thank you so much for your initiative on making a beautiful musical performance for the party! Thanks to everyone who performed that night! Btw you can watch it here.

Damira, you are the best PR ever 😉 Her sister made for us the awards – Oscar statues! They were beautiful!

Sogdiana, thanks for reporting and photo shooting each step…

And little thanks to the presenters of that evening: Korlan Bektassova and me, Assiya Babayeva.

March, we are anticipating new portion of mood, joy and communication!



ATC Birthday Party – a recap from Aigerim Akiltayeva

Dear readers,

Today I would like to share with you happy moments of ATC 6th birthday celebration. 23rd of February is the official date when Astana Toastmasters Club was founded. The founder of ATC is Samat Panov, whom you can meet and chat with at our regular meetings.

The theme of the birthday party was Oscar. As you can imagine and see from the Facebook pictures it was a great party with movie-related contests and games. It was an amazing occasion, a day before the actual Oscars ceremony, the one on which almost everyone was eager to know whether Leonardo DiCaprio would get an Oscar.

The birthday party was organized by Assiya, Korlan, Zhanna and Tana, our beautiful and active members. Thanks to their effort the party was a blast!

Let me share few things we did and enjoyed that night. We were welcomed by nice greetings from our fellow members of ATC. I felt I was at the official ceremony, because there was the Red carpet, Oscar and nice sweets. The atmosphere was “cinematically” wonderful due to the fact all guests were dressed up in beautiful dresses and suits. Afterwards, there was a served dinner. Special thanks goes to Tana, who makes delicious cakes you can’t resist from.

What I love about ATC are people who attend and actively participate at these meetings. ATC celebrated its 6th year anniversary, a big accomplishment not every non-profit organization can achieve. All these years many people became a part of ATC and have contributed their time to leading the club (President, VPs). Moreover, ATC people are talented, generous and kind, who are eager to share their values and knowledge. Social events connect all these people together. You can see people smiling, talking endlessly and sharing their experience. ATC 6th annual party was not an exception to that. Playing various games, seeing people playing piano, dombyra, acting in a musical and singing were few things the guests were part of.

In the end of the party, guests, who stayed till the end, were dancing like nobody was watching them. As W. Purkey said, –

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching. Love like you’ll never be hurt. Sing like there’s nobody listening. And live like it’s heaven on earth”.

I think we danced and sang like nobody were watching us. We were too involved in the process of enjoying a happy moment of Now. Dancing was a great way to end that fabulous night.

So here are just few things you can enjoy if you join ATC family in our social events. Whether you are a member of ATC or not, you are always welcome to come and share the joy with us!

Sincerely yours,

Aigerim Akiltayeva